About me


I am a healer and a Soul who loves. My mission is to embody Divine Love on Earth and, through this, to dissolve the veil of illusion between dimensions. My sense of purpose on Earth comes also from holding the hand of the people who are coming to me, through their own process of spiritual awakening and going beyond illusion.

My spiritual awakening started in 2008. Since then, I had been continuously working with people, individual and in groups, allowing myself to grow and explore myself alongside my clients. I’ve been in many dark corners within their soul and within mine and I’m more and more in touch with the light of who I really am as a Soul.

For the past 13 years, I manifested my mission in Romania, my beautiful country, the place that has always been so warmly receiving the healing energy that wanted to manifest through me in this world.

It is the moment now to start to honour the soul contracts I have with you, people from all over the world, the ones who are reading now these words.

So I’m making myself available, through Soul-Union.com, as a healer to the whole world, from my deep longing to be of service to the people who resonate with the healing energy that comes through me.

In all those years of searching and finding myself, I’ve studied shamanic practices, soul retrieval, family and organisational constellations, psychology and traditional psychotherapy, Reiki, EFT, Theta Healing.

In the last years, I’ve have been studying methods of holistic/intuitive healing at the soul level and I graduated trainings in multidimensional healing. I presently work in the Akashic Record field, the universal library that contains all the information, from all time, about all souls existing in the Universe.

In 2014, I experienced the deepest spiritual experience that opened in my life a new line of destiny, in full agreement with my Soul and who I really am: meeting my Twin Soul. You can read more about my experience in the article “Beyond Illusion: Meeting My Twin Soul.”

After years of profound work with myself in this direction, it is also time to provide support and guidance to advanced souls involved in soul connections (twin flames, soul mates, heart catalysts).

Here you have the types of session I offer:

Honouring your deep longing for Soul Union,
Mihaela Marinas