Align your Business: energetic analysis and alignment in the Akashic Records

Align your Business is a business energy analysis and realignment tool, dedicated to entrepreneurs, with experience or at the beginning of their journey, from any field of activity.

It is a concrete tool based on information downloaded from the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records represent a dimension of consciousness containing the vibrational record of each soul and its unique journey – including the souls of the businesses we create, own and develop on this planet.

In an “Align your Business” session, we are realising:


  • The overall energetic analysis of the business
  • Setting intentions for the next period
  • Aligning the financial timeline of the business
  • Establishing the aligned strategy for products/services, marketing, sales, business channels, contributors
  • Identifying ways to reach soul-aligned customers
  • Releasing business blockages, misalignments and limitations in the Akashic Records

The session also contains the Soul Blueprint of the entrepreneur in the Akashic Records, including who you are at the soul level, what are your soul gifts and main qualities that can be translated into the business area. 

Thus, we realise the energy alignment between the entrepreneur’s blueprint and his business and highlight the areas of the blueprint that are not aligned at this moment.

What can you get as an entrepreneur from an “Align your Business” session:

  • A complete energetical assessment of your business to have clarity on the areas of the business that are not aligned with your intentions in the coming period
  • Insights on blockages and things to transform over the coming period
  • The realignment of the business strategy to the aligned energy blueprint of the business
  • Identifying blockages in the business flow and releasing them at the energy level

Duration: 1,30 h
Price: 444 Euros

DISCOUNT 30% until 15 of January 2024.
Pay here:

After making the payment, for scheduling an online appointment, please use the calendar bellow. You will receive a firm confirmation from me regarding the date and the hour you picked.
For any other details, you can write me at: Mihaela Marinas

I’m Mihaela Marinas. Trainer, spiritual teacher and catalyst for thousands of lives that I touched, in 14 years of working with people.

The Akashic Records revealed themselves to me 7 years ago. Rediscovering spirituality went hand in hand with following worldwide known accreditations in systemic business consultancy. Since then, I created dozens of programs, courses, trainings, certifications supported by the knowledge sourced into the Akashic Records of the Soul.

Bridging spirituality and business is a lifelong vision, deeply routed into my heart – as a longing for two worlds coming together into an union that represents just a glimpse of the human potential we can align ourselves to.


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