Healing your relational blueprint: individual sessions

If your wish for having a deep fulfilling relationship has been your biggest longing but also your biggest source of pain so far in your life, then you are in the right place. I invite you to an individual session for healing the relational blueprint in your life.

  • If you feel the longing for a fulfilling relationship or if you want a new vision for what is possible in a conscious couple relationship
  • If you feel the need to bring a new model of relationship into your life
  • If you want to get out of self-sacrifice or the feeling that there is something wrong with you in the field of relationships
  • If you yearn for a deep fulfilling relationship but everything seems to be so far away right now
  • If you dream of a conscious relationship that serves a spiritual purpose in the world at the same time as it is fulfilling your deepest needs and desires
  • If you feel that it is the time you become loyal to yourself at the same time as you manifest the relationship your soul desires
  • If you feel it’s time to get out of all the old relational patterns, suffering, self-sacrifice,  disappointment, lack of appreciation and lack of love

…then I invite you to work together to be able to manifest this type of relationship in your life.

“Healing the relationship blueprint” is a session specially designed for:

  • Cleansing karmic relational patterns in the Akashic Records
  • Clearing the trans-generational relational map on mother and father line
  • Purging and healing the relational history from this lifetime and other lives
  • Letting go of vows, contracts, curses, commitments with energies that are interfering in your relational life
  • Cleansing limiting beliefs about relationships in this lifetime and other lives
  • Getting out of narcissistic-codependent behavioural patterns in relationships
  • Opening the heart for calling in love

During these sessions for healing the relational blueprint, I work in the Akashic Records of the Soul.

I incorporate all these frequencies with the help of the energies that work through me and my personal frequency as a healer.

: one hour
Price: 200 Euros

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For scheduling an online appointment, please use the calendar bellow.
You will receive a firm confirmation from me regarding the date and the hour you picked.

For any other details, you can write me at: mihaela@soul-union.com

Honouring your deep longing for Soul Union,
Mihaela Marinas

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