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The Soul of your Business: the conscious way forward

Businesses have souls exactly like us, humans. They feel, suffer, grow, diminish, stagnate, thrive and expand. They are alive.

To connect with your business on this level means to allow your business be seen, into the world, through the eyes of the Soul. And we all flourish, businesses and people, when we are seen this way.

AKASHIC RECORDS FOR BUSINESS is a tool for conscious entrepreneurs and business owners that find value in connecting with the soul of their business, for creating a new paradigm of business on this Planet.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contain the vibrational record of each soul and its unique journey. Including the souls of the businesses we create, own and develop on this planet.

They contain everything that has ever existed, in all times and dimensions. The Akashic Records can be compared to a huge universal library, where all souls can gain access to universal knowledge. They exists everywhere, they are encoded in every cell, in every DNA strand of every being and represent a vibrational state.

We open the Akashic Records by accessing higher energies and, from this field, we have unlimited possibilities to access and create a soul-aligned reality for our life and our businesses.

Why access the Akashic Records as an entrepreneur & business owner?

Akashic Records for Business can open a whole new level of possibilities, beyond the usual pattern of trying to mentally figure out what is the next step you should take in your businesses.

When we open the Akashic Records of your business, we create a field that allows the access to the energetic blueprint of your business. Deep insights are occurring from a profound place that, somehow, we always knew it was there. But this profound place it getting revealed to us when we have the intention to connect this way.

An Akashic Records for Business Session allows you to:

  • get out of patterns of struggle and heaviness connected with your business
  • gain clarity on the next steps in your business, from a soul-aligned perspective
  • find solutions from a new space of possibilities to the hidden dynamics, unseen patterns, blockages and limitations of your business
  • align the business with its highest timeline, in terms of significance in the world, success and abundance
  • elevate your business and your life to the Akashic Records frequency
  • create a new paradigm where the business is sourced in the realms of the Soul and the soul perspective serves the business and the daily life

Who can acces an

Entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey

AKASHIC RECORDS FOR BUSINESS can help you create a vision for birthing the business into the world, from an aligned energy.

Questions you can address in an AKASHIC RECORDS FOR BUSINESS session:

  • What is the driving force behind my wish to build the business?
  • What is the purpose of my business into the world?
  • How can the business be a contribution to the world and how can the world be a contribution to the business?
  • Who are my clients?
  • What is the proper name for my business, that entirely expresses the soul of my business?
  • How should I build it? What resources do I need?
  • How should I birth this business into the world? How should I prepare?
Already experienced business owners

AKASHIC RECORDS FOR BUSINESS can help you re-align the business to its soul, so that it can fully express that level of alignment into the world.

Questions you can address in an AKASHIC RECORDS FOR BUSINESS session:

  • What is in alignement and what not, in the flow of the business (entrepreneur- products/services-marketing-sales-business systems?)
  • What is the next step, from alignment?
  • Is the business aligned with its soul purpose? Did the purpose changed? What need to change so that the business gets aligned again?
  • What are the patterns that are undermining manifesting the real potential of this business?
  • Did the business lost parts of the soul? When? How? Does it need a soul retrieval?
  • What are the limitations on the money flow of the business? What are the money wounds of the entrepreneur?
  • How to attract more aligned clients to the business?

The aspects of a business to look into through the
Akashic Records

  • Purpose, mission and values of the business
  • The business strategy (products/services, marketing, sales, business systems) 
  • Patterns & limitations in functioning of the business (can include trauma & soul loss in the business and everything that needs to be seen, acknowledged, transformed and healed in the business)
  • Money & abundance flow of the business, the money wounds of the entrepreneur
  • People that are contributing: owners, employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, investors (everyone impacting the business and everyone that the business is impacting
About me

I’m Mihaela Marinas. A visionary who dreams to build new paradigms in spirituality, business and relationships on Earth. Trainer, spiritual teacher and catalyst for thousands of lives that I touched, in 14 years of working with people.

The Akashic Records revealed themselves to me 7 years ago. Rediscovering spirituality went hand in hand with following worldwide known accreditations in systemic business consultancy. Since then, I created dozens of programs, courses, trainings, certifications supported by the knowledge sourced into the Akashic Records of the Soul.

Bridging spirituality and business is a lifelong vision, deeply routed into my heart – as a longing for two worlds coming together into an union that represents just a glimpse of the human potential we can align ourselves to.

I’m tremendously happy I can bring this vision into the world, through the wisdom of the Akashic Records field.

„I am deeply grateful to you because my whole life adventure started with you. You were the intermediary to my awakening, to the realization that I have abilities I was not aware of and many gifts that it is a shame to keep to myself. It is an honour and a responsibility to be of service to people and I want to go to the level of mastery, in life and business, and influence other people lives. Thank you for giving me this chance and creating an opportunity that I don’t know if I would have seen otherwise.”





Business Manager

“Mentoring sessions in the Akashic Records have given me more confidence in accessing this knowledge of the Universe. Mihaela guided me in this program even deeper into my Soul and helped me to integrate this knowledge into my life and my business. I redefined my business model of coaching, adding the wisdom of the AKASHIC RECORDS in my sessions with my clients. Thus, little by little I have come to understand my own mission as a Soul, seeing that the love that heals is guided through us, by something that is beyond us. Mihaela, thank you with much gratitude for all that you have given me, for your knowledge and for accompanying me on my journey to know my Soul!”


Coaching Business Owner

“After all the focused information I have received from you, which I could not find in many other places, things are settling down in my life and my business. When I hit roadblocks, I manage to process them from a different perspective, it’s like everything breaks down differently and makes new sense on a higher level. Now I know my mission, I still hit roadblocks but I move forward with the tools I received from you, to gain courage for the next steps.”





Marketing Manager

you will receive in the package

- 3 single sessions of 1,30 hours 
(within 6 weeks) 
- the full energetic analysis of your business
- a written plan with soul-aligned interventions for your business
- support between sessions (during 6 weeks)

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of the package
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E-mail: mihaela@soul-union.com
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