Spiritual mentoring for entrepreneurs: Akashic Records for Business

For some time, I have felt that it is time to bring all my spiritual knowledge to the service of conscious entrepreneurs, open to spiritual realities and to the businesses they create. 
Everything I’ve done so far in my mission has, somehow, led me to this moment.

Because a truth I have discovered in the years since I have been working at the soul level in the Akashic Records is that businesses have souls too. 
And the spiritual and material worlds are together, often contrary to our mental projections that keep them separate, in an artificial way.

💜 What do spiritual mentoring and business have in common? In a spiritual mentoring session for business in the Akashic Records, together with entrepreneurs who feel like working at this level for their businesses, we connect to the soul of the business.

💜 From this energy, solutions and truths are revealed to us about topics that can begin with the soul-level mission of business in the world, to deep messages and insights offered by the soul of business related to strategy, the management style, the transformations that can be made in the next period, patterns and blockages of the entrepreneur, money wounds of the entrepreneur, systemic patterns in the dynamics of the business, subtle connections between team members, contracts of the soul between those who work for that business.
💜 We can look at and integrate every aspect, from the highest spiritual aspects to the pragmatic and concrete business aspects. To gain clarity, at the soul level, on the mechanisms that can make a business flourish, from the energy aligned to its true essence.
💜 This is what my approach to spiritual business mentoring in the Akashic Records is all about: true spirituality supports all aspects of a business and the business supports our highest expression of the soul.
💜 There is no separation between the two worlds, spiritual and material, as we all too often mistakenly believe. And the souls of our businesses are waiting for us to connect with them and from this perspective to bring their gifts to the world at another level.

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