Activate your Blueprint as a Healer: free Masterclass

ACTIVATING YOUR BLUEPRINT AS A HEALER is a free masterclass dedicated to sensitive advanced souls that have so much to offer to this world and sometimes are affected by confusion, fear and self-sabotage patterns.

For souls that are tired of dimming their light and giving away their power, constantly.

For soul who feel the time has come for them to activate who they are, on a very profound level.

ACTIVATING YOUR BLUEPRINT AS A HEALER is about reclaiming yourself and remembering who you are, on a very deep core level.

When you have this blueprint of being a healer, you just know.

There is this inner voice with you, no matter what you do.

The voice that is whispering you should have an impact in the world and you should live in a different reality. 

A reality aligned with the realm of the Soul.

The important thing to remember is that who we really are never leaves us.

That what we came here to do will be done through us, sooner or later, one way or another.

That things settle down to their normal course sooner or later.

And that sometimes it just takes a little courage to claim who we really are and come out into the truth of our soul.



What we will discuss in the masterclass “ACTIVATING YOUR BLUEPRINT AS A HEALER”:


  • What does it mean to have the blueprint of a healer
  • The challenges of having this mission in the world
  • How can we work with this challenges and with the patterns that are interfering with the path of the Soul
  • The four levels of intuitive healing

  • How can we use intuitive healing to activate the blueprint of our mission



Mihaela Marinas
Soul Union

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