Features of advanced souls


    Features of advanced souls:

    • deep knowledge at the soul level, sometimes unjustified by the age or the life experiences they had this lifetime
    • the feeling of connection with multidimensional planes and with high dimensions, manifested by the fact that they feel the energies around, they feel the light entities but also the less friendly energies, sometimes they see their angels and spiritual guides
    • the feeling of being different since childhood. Also, they do not fit into predetermined paradigms
    • they need to spend time alone, because in the quiet of their own company there is a sacred sanctuary that cannot be found anywhere else
    • they have an inner feeling that they are different, which can lead them on a lonely path. Usually, they have a small group of people they feel close to
    • a deep longing for depth that applies in relationships.¬†They want deep conversations, they need to dive deep to feel fulfilled.¬†Therefore, sometimes it is difficult for them to have relationships
    • they know as children they are here for a purpose, having the feeling of a depth to be expressed through their work
    • part of their mission at the soul level is the transition from the old patterns and ideas into a new paradigm
    • most feel misunderstood, unheard and feel they don’t belong here on Earth. They are confused about how they could manifest the gifts of their soul on Earth
    • it is a great inner struggle for them to succeed in saying: I am here, I live on Earth, I have something of value to offer to the world and I deserve to show who I really am.
    • they need to learn to develop the feeling of home in them and to take it with them anywhere in the world
    • they are very sensitive and empathetic
    • have good intuition and innate abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairknowing
    • they are connected with dark energies, both through the dysfunctional family frameworks in which they choose to be born and through the personal history of their soul, at different times and dimensions (we will develop this topic in the following chapters)