A new world: we are learning a new way of being, loving, breathing…

Yes, we are learning to step in a new world. We learn to become, we learn to live, we learn to breathe again.

We rebuild ourselves, starting from what we thought was obvious and we go towards what seemed intangible.

We’re leaving the only way we knew things were possible and we go to the abundance of new possibilities. We create new realities, new maps of new inner territories.

We expand ourselves. We discover why we are truly capable of.

We discover healing energy, we discover harmony, beauty. We discover how it feels like to be sustained by the universe.

We discover abundance. We discover the beauty of going into the world in safety and love. We learn how to be kept and breastfeed at the abundant breast of the Universe.

We discover that love is the most important thing. Love that “does not cling to, does not seek its own, does not brag”. That love that was first revealed to the Corinthians in the Bible: the unconditional love. We learn that we can only exist in it, in a genuine way.

We give up fears and limitations. We are in our essence. We walk on another territory, new and yet old of eons, at the same time: the realm of the soul.

We leave programming and generational conditioning, we leave behind old ways of thinking and feeling. We leave behind the pain and disappointment. We leave behind the bitterness of the soul and the illusion of powerlessness.

A new world, aligned with what we become

We learn what real power is. The power of the heart.

We go courageously to explore the inner worlds. And the outer ones. “As in heaven as it is on  earth” begins to sound more than a line in a prayer that we have been repeating mechanically so far. It starts to sound like an alignment of healing energies. It starts to be what it should be.

We are, we exist, we love, we breathe. In a different way. More and more fully. More and more according with the whole creation.

We are witnesses and take conscious part in our own rebirth. What a great honour we have to live these times!

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