Akashic Records Readings: Reuniting with your Soul

After years of working with people, I have noticed that many of us do not feel really seen and supported in the essence of who we really are in our hearts. So, my wish is to offer people the possibility to be seen in the Soul, through Akashic Records Readings.

If you feel…

  • disconnected, unseen and unappreciated for who you really are
  • separated from your essence and your soul
  • you do not have access to your intuition

or if you…

  • have challenges to discover and manifest your unique gifts here on Earth
  • are hiding behind the masks you’ve built to survive and start to feel you can not live like that anymore
  • feel that your greatest longing is, at the same time, your greatest challenge …

…then this type of session is for you. We can create a space for your to reunite with your Soul.

In these sessions, I’m putting myself into the service of your Soul with all the knowledge that I have been given access to until now. To witness your Soul Union and to bring out the essence of who you really are, in your Soul.

Akashic Records Readings

We will access, during an individual session, the Akashic Record field, the universal library that contains all the information, from all the time, about all the souls in the Universe.

From this field, we will co-create a universe in which we’ll meet the unique blueprint of your Soul and we’ll activate your gifts that you have to bring here on Earth.  

So that you can go beyond the challenges you have when you want to manifest who you are and create from the essence of your being.

What we will create together during an Akashic Records session:

  • A portrait of your soul, reactivating the original qualities you came to bring to Earth
  • The reconnection with your divine ability to co-create from the Soul level here on Earth
  • A reframing, at your soul level, of the challenges you have in manifesting your potential in areas such as relationships, abundance, profession or personal mission
  • Healing the limiting and self-sabotage patterns that you have at the soul level and that stop you from aligning your life on Earth with the energy of your Soul
  • Co-creating the vision of a life aligned with the mission of your Soul

Duration: one hour
Price: 200 Euros
For payment, you can use Paypal (click here):

For scheduling an online appointment, please use the calendar bellow. You will receive a firm confirmation from me regarding the date and the hour you picked.

Honouring your deep longing for Soul Union,
Mihaela Marinas
For any other details, you can write me at: mihaela@soul-union.com


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