Allowing your essence to shine: free program for spiritual transformation

In these times of profound transformation, with great joy I’m offering to the world a free short version of my program for spiritual transformation“Allowing your essence to shine” on my english website

Working with many souls over the years, I have noticed that, in general, are coming towards me souls with a huge potential, with great sensitivity, an extraordinary and deep knowledge at the level of the soul, but not having the courage to show all their beauty and radiance of their Essence to the world.

Informations for advanced souls

I call this category of souls “advanced souls”. Part of my mission on Earth is to work with advanced souls and help them remember what they forgot: to find their supreme connection with their Essence and learn how to manifest it on Earth.

The fact that you are an advanced soul does not mean that others are less advanced or evolved. So don’t put yourself on a pedestal but neither feel guilty. You are neither bellow nor above others. But you do own a deep knowledge at the soul level and you do possess qualities of the soul that are very important and necessary in this time, here on Earth.

About these qualities, about who you are at the soul level, about how to remember who you are and how to manifest your essence on Earth we will talk in this program.

This program is a program of support and guidance for advanced souls. The information you will come in touch with is discovered from my personal experience as an advanced soul and as a healer working with advanced souls for 12 years and also from all the trainings and all teachers I had over the years.

Allowing your essence to shine

“Allowing your essence to shine” is a series of three videos with profound informations on advanced souls and their purpose on Earth, specially in these times of deep paradigm shift.

You just have to watch these videos and allow the information to work on you, in every layer of your being and all the subtle bodies. It’s more than mental information, so listen with your heart.

Topics covered

Part one: What does it mean to be an advanced soul. The main characteristics of an advanced soul. The life scenario of an advanced soul.

Part two: The main soul challenges that advanced souls are encountering in their earthly journey. How to transmute them and move beyond them: karmic challenges, wounds of the inner child & dysfunctional family framework, trauma and trans-generational programs, programs at the level of collective consciousness, connecting with emotional basements of despair, lack of merit, connection with dark astral energies, over-responsibility, self-sabotage, exaggerated compassion, fear of stepping into the light, feelings of inner imprisonment, strong feeling that Love is not possible on Earth.

Part Three: The personal power and spiritual mission of advanced souls. The main self-sabotaging patterns regarding personal power. A new paradigm of power. How can we connect more with the original blueprint and the mission of our soul?


Part One

Part Two 

Part Three 

Honoring your deep longing for soul union,
with love
Mihaela Marinas

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