Apologies to the divine masculine

I’m sorry I responded to the abuses that have been made against women and that I still carry in my cells, with abuse. I’m sorry I did not know how to heal this wound before.

I’m sorry I didn’t know how to bring love and understanding where it was already too much pain.

apologies for making you pay for what our fathers and ancestors did to us. Or for what they didn’t do, in their disconnection and their emotional absence.

I’m sorry for preferring to get revenge at you, to keep you away, to emasculate you, to reject you and to abuse you, taking your power away the same way that your brothers did with my sisters for centuries.

I’m sorry for perpetuating a cycle of pain, of lack of love, of anger and of lack of responsibility.

I apologise to the male energy inside of me that I did not allow myself to express in a healthy way, continuing to abuse myself as a woman.

I apologise to myself also, as a woman who sometimes doesn’t know how to position herself in the glow of my femininity alongside with you.

I’m sorry for the times when I was so disconnected from me, that I disconnected myself from you. My own feminine pain was so big  that I didn’t take into account not for a single moment the amount of pain that you and your brothers carry in your hearts for centuries.

Forced to live under armor, forced to shut down in order to survive, compelled by outer circumstances to forget about your own heart, forced to perform on all levels, under constant pressure, to be the best on all levels, to support your families, to be good at work, at home, and even in bed, everywhere… you have to be in a certain way to correspond to our demands …

I’m deeply sorry I contributed, as a woman, to create such a pattern. Now I release the burden of the expectations that I have from you, I step into my power as a woman and join you in the heart, in the journey that we have to do together, as divine masculine and divine feminine.

Two open hearts towards each other, owning our own paths and at the same time sharing the same direction in serving ourselves and others, for as long as it is given to us.

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