Authentic spirituality: What should I do to be a spiritual person?

What is authentic spirituality?

Should I meditate more? Should I donate money? Should I be not interested in money? Should I always be generous? Should I dedicate myself to noble causes? Should I be better? More spiritual? More forgiving? More supporting to others? Should I look more lenient?

Yes, maybe we should do all this. If we feel like doing them and we feel that this increases our joy and raises the frequency from which we operate in the world. But if we do it to prove, even in front of our own person, that we are a spiritual person or we do it because we have to, then the motivation is not authentic.

When you go against the organic stage you are into, just to prove that you are a spiritual person, who deserves to fit into the new paradigm, who preaches change… this can lead very quickly to situations of exhaustion. Because going against yourself always leads to that.

If you are in that phase of your life when you have to build your own identity, your own boundaries, when you have to put yourself first and at the same time you force yourself to prove that others are your main priority because that is what a spiritual person does, then go against you. If, on the contrary, you have so far been at the point where you have taken into account only your interests and now is the time to open up and support others, then you can do this with genuine energy, not because this is what you need to do to be good and be spiritual.

Whatever you do, if you do it out of guilt or because this is what you should do to be spiritual, then the motivation is not up to the energy of the goal pursued. If you abuse yourself in a certain way to do certain things even if you don’t feel like doing it, because that’s how you prove that you are spiritual, then the energy that supports you is not authentic.

Authentic spirituality

But if you work with yourself to be authentic to yourself, to let your heart open in the natural direction for you at some point, without forcing yourself, without doing too much,  without proving, without showing off… then you can help others precisely through your authenticity.

So more important than the artistic impression is the authentic spirituality. And self-abuse in the name of spirituality is not spiritual at all. If you force yourself to be spiritual and you are angry inside all this time because you would like to do something else, then all the good deeds you do in the name of being spiritual don’t achieve their goal of bringing more Love and Beauty in the world.

How a spiritual person relates to spirituality

Because authentic spirituality, above all, means authenticity, and that goes hand in hand with the recognition and acceptance of human feelings. It does not mean to suppress them, but alchemise them, so we connect with the energy of our soul. Spirituality also means working to integrate our shadows, but that does not mean avoiding the shadows to prove that we are evolved.

And sometimes, the best barometer of a spiritual person is that they allow themselves to be non-spiritual, with the same lightness of being with which they relate to the spiritual life. Let’s allow ourselves to be non-spiritual, if that’s what we need for a while.

In the essence of who we truly are, we are Infinite Love and we need to connect with that truth whenever we can. In manifestation, however, in this dimension, we go through different stages in which we manifest our essence in different forms.

No matter what stage we are in for now, it is important that what we do is done wholeheartedly. It is the thing that empowers us and inspires others at the same time . And this happens through authenticity.

And let’s not forget: God expresses himself through each of us, as we are, in every single moment.



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