“Baby steps”: the bravest leap of faith in the world

When we say we should take “baby steps” in doing something, in fact we connect with the energy of the bravest leap of faith in the world, one that every one of us has to go through in his life: the process through which a baby learns how to walk.

A small step for his small body, but a huge step for his brave soul.

How brave is for a little baby to have the courage to start walking into the unknown, adventuring himself for the first time out of the security of his parent’s arms and taking the risks to explore life?

Because there is no other choice left for him. Because his legs, his spine, his knees and his whole body are ready for that experience.

He doesn’t know how fast he will move forward, how many times he will fall, how many dangers and obstacles he will meet in his way. Nevertheless, he starts walking.
This is a real leap of faith.

Because there is something in him that is reassuring him he grew enough so that he could  show himself to the world. So that through his walking he could say:

“This is me, making my own way, on my own two feet, through life.
This is me, with everything I have: the fear of letting go of the comfort of being carried in other people’s arms.
And also the curiosity and the courage to start being independent.
And the courage to start taking in the joy and the thrill of every step I’m taking.
To start taking the risk that I will fall or hurt myself or lose the right direction.
With the hope that someone will have my back to lift me up.
And if not, that I would have gained enough strength until now to be able to lift myself up. This is me going towards the life that is waiting for me.
And me letting in the life that wants to come to me, with every step I have the courage to take.”

This is us, little babies taking every day small steps that are, in fact, a huge leap of faith into the unknown of life.

We should be proud of ourselves with every single step we have the courage to take, no matter how many times we fall or hurt ourselves in doing that.

And to shout: This is me doing my best to move forward through life. With all my fears, my sorrows, my wounds and also with all my beauty and power. An entire world in every single step.”

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