“Becoming the Healer you are”: intuitive healing training

In these times of deep changes all over the world, the Earth is in need of more souls who know how to keep and develop their connection with the Source, in everything they do and in everything they create. These are the healers of the world that need to step up more into the truth of who they really are.

The training “Becoming the Healer you are” is for everyone who wants to explore and to expand their abilities as healers. The future belongs to the ones that are able to bring stability into an unstable world and to bring harmony and love through their connection with the Source, in the midst of the chaos.

With tremendous joy, I invite you to the intuitive healing training “Becoming the Healer You Are”.

Clarity, personal power, courage to listen to the voice of the Soul and to manifest the gifts of the Soul on Earth – these are the energies that come, through me, into the lives of those I work with. It’s part of my mission to empower souls to be who they really are. And it is the thing that brings me infinite joy.

I have created this training from joy and I invite you to enjoy our gifts together in this  training.

For whom is this intuitive healing training:

  • For those who have healing energy to manifest in relation to others, but still do not have clarity about how to channel it
  • For those who have attended dozens of courses and trainings, you have countless diplomas in the field, but still feel blocked in starting their own activity in the field of working with people
  • For those interested in intuitive healing, in all structures and dimensions of the being (wounds of the inner child, karmic patterns, soul groups patterns, trans-generational patterning and collective consciousness programs)
  • For those at the beginning of the road, who want to start from scratch in this area
  • For those interested in how they can be more intuitive and connected in working with clients they already have
  • For those who want to connect with my vision of healing, from everything I feel and have understood so far, from my 12 years experience of working with people

What can you get from this intuitive healing training:

  • the courage to start manifesting your healing gifts in your activity
  • clarity on how you can start an activity that helps you put into service your soul gifts
  • connection with the unique personal blueprint and frequency of healing
  • counselling relating with how to build your own practice, using everything you already know and everything we will learn in this training
  • initiation in the healing methods that I use in my practice
  • overview of what the healing process means, what happens during the client-healer interaction at the soul level and what aspects can be involved in this process
  • information on how to use intuition in healing processes

Content of the training:

The first module: It is about becoming familiar with the notion of healing – healing energy – healer

  • healing an what it really means, beyond mental expectations
  • how can we connect with healing energy
  • what it means to be a Healer and to work in the energy of the soul
  • the right attitude of the healer in order to facilitate healing
  • downloading forgotten knowledge, gifts and abilities, latent in the energy of the soul
  • working  on the shadow patterns of the healer that can interfere in the healing process
  • working on the patterns that might stand in the way of the personal mission, on a multidimensional level, from all layers and structures of the being

Module Two: It is a module of experimenting healing tools, methods and techniques.

  • work on what could block the healer’s intuition in the healing processes
  • the notion of field, timelines, Akashic Records, multidimensional healing and the use of the intuition
  • aspects related to working with energies and the spirit world
  • multidimensional aspects of healing: wounds of the inner child, karmic patterns, group souls patterns, trans-generational patterns, collective consciousness programs
  • practical tools and working methods
  • practice: initial interview, diagnosis, healing process, follow-up

Module Three: It is a module dedicated to integration and practice. 

  • integration of the theoretical and practical aspects related to the healing processes
  • experimenting the healing tools
  • notions of healing of the temporal lines and practice
  • concrete healing processes between the participants
  • feedback on the practice between the participants
  • question and answer session

Module four: This module will be dedicated to identifying the unique Healer Blueprint of the participants and to counselling for developing a healing activity:

  • identifying and accessing the unique healing frequency
  • opening Akashic Records to access information about the personal mission
  • practical advice and support to start the actual practice
  • integrating intuitive healing with other frequencies that are already open in your field

This intuitive healing training can give you confidence that the intuition and wisdom of your soul are the most powerful healing tools.

It is a training in which we come into contact with healing techniques and tools and at the same time work intensely on our own healing. We go to the root of the patterns that stop us from manifesting our potential and creating new perspectives on healing and what multidimensional intuitive healing really means.

It is a training that puts you in touch with yourself, as you really are, with your gifts for which is the time to be offered to the world.

This training takes place in the energy of the Akashic Records, activating the most precious resources of your Soul, the original blueprint of your Soul and working at the same time with the blockages you have in manifesting your soul energy on Earth.

Everything we learn together can be used if you start from scratch or can integrate into your practice, if you already are experienced in working as a healer.

Location: The train runs in 4 online modules of 4-5 hours each. It will take place on Zoom.

You will receive written support, diploma, audio recordings of the modules and email support during the training. The language of the training is English.

Price: 400 euros / 4 modules.
For payment, you can use Paypal (click here):


E-mail: mihaela@soul-union.com

Participants talking about the training:

“Becoming the Healer you are” training triggered major changes in my life and helped the magic of life become visible. It was and is a containment space, extremely healing and supportive, in which, guided with much love and power by you, Mihaela, along with the fantastic force of the group, I got to heal my fears and resistances which prevented me to show me the gifts I came with. I started with a lot of fear, but supported by the feeling that I got exactly where I needed to be and I ended up, exactly as you called it, becoming the Healer that I am. The words are too few to express what contribution you have had, through this training, in my life. And in the lives of others I now work with, after a 13-year career in a completely different field, through an absolutely magical path, triggered by this training and your permanent support. You have helped me to come into my power, and among your many gifts, just as you said, is that of empowering us to identify and manifest our mission and path. I recommend this training to everyone who will resonate with it, to attend and to know that they will receive much more than they can expect. With gratitude, L. B. “

“I want to encourage the ones who want to find themselves and  to fulfill their Divine Self on earth, just as I did in the Becoming the Healer you are training. With quick and easy steps, we laughed, we wept, we confessed, we entered and we dissolved blockages from other lives that slowed us down, in astral planes and dimensions where we nurtured ourselves with what we needed. Today I can say that I am on my way to fulfill my purpose on earth. Thank you, Mihaela, for being here and meeting us, as you said “on another level”. I hug you warmly and congratulate myself that I made the best decision when I signed up for this course. With joy, A.C.B “

“I started working with people, I think I’m ready now. I listen again to your training Becoming the Healer you are and I feel to express my gratitude once again for supporting me. Thank you and I hug you! M. “


Honoring your deep longing for Soul Union,
Mihaela Marinas
More about me here.

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