Being yourself: the easiest and hardest thing in the world

Why does it sometimes seem so difficult what is, in fact, so easy – being yourself? Have we forgotten so much who we really are?

Or have we been too preoccupied to be who we thought we should be or who we thought it is good and acceptable to be?

But that’s why we are here, on this journey of the soul, to return to what is natural and easy.

And as we find out, we start to know how to dance between being not enough and being too much. Between cutting parts of yourself or trying to be too much. To compensate for when it seems  that you are not enough.

Being yourself, between being too much or not enough

Because usually we spend our lives between the two polarities: trying to be more or less than we are. Both things are equally painful.

And when we get tired of being something else than yourself – or trying to be less or more – then we stop.

Sometimes we are forced to stop. To ask ourselves if we can come back to the natural. To what is easy, because it’s natural.

When we flow into who we really are, we get the clarity of seeing everything as what it really is. We’re out of the drama. We feel empowered to take our journey from another level.

The problem is when we begin to doubt: What if who I am is not enough? Or  what if I’m too much? Too bright, too special? Or I’m too common? Or I’m not a match? What if I will not be accepted for who I really am?

And all these questions are getting imprinted on us slowly, slowly, in years. And they infiltrate inside of us until they begin to occupy more and more space in the nature of our being.

And then it becomes difficult to be yourself. And then the easiest thing in the world becomes the hardest.

Until we get tired of putting so much energy into swimming against the current. Then we see the costs of it. Then we begin to heal and convince ourselves that we deserve to be ourselves. That is our divine right.

Joy of the natural: being yourself

Then we discover the joy of the natural again. When we put aside what we were told we should be and what we should have never been told. And when we follow what we have never been told, even if it was the most important thing we should have been told: how easy it is to be natural …

Then we go beyond the belief that we are not as we should, because we are not enough or we are too much in the natural beauty of who we really are.

Then we can begin breathing again, sitting in the heart, manifesting the most natural and the easiest thing on earth – being yourself.


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