Meditation and the benefits of practising meditation

Many people include meditation more and more in their lives, as a daily practice for their mind, body and soul.

Do you find it hard to break away from the everyday stress?

Is your mind constantly agitated? Do you feel you are exposed to uncountable factors of stress, which you cannot cope with anymore?

If the answer is yes to these questions, and who can say no nowadays – then meditation may be a solution in your way to your inner peace.

Meditation is an ancient practice, for the relaxation of the physical body. For calming the emotions, for the tranquility of mind and opening us to the superior worlds and superior understanding.

In the present moments of evolution on earth, many people realise the fact that they need something more in their lives rather than just the material comfort of financial success.

The desire of people to answer to the inner call of their superior mind, searching for answers to questions regarding the purpose of existence, is more and more obvious.

Our life can be compared to a TV channel. If we broadcast just one particular TV channel, that doesn’t mean that other channels do not exist.

Meditation and accessing the other inner plans simply mean learning the way to access the other channels. It allows us to pass through our limited thinking.

It is possible, that at the beginning the image is not stable when we wish to reinstate the TV to broadcast another channel. By persevering, this inner channel becomes clear and reinstating to it will be easy.

Practice and patience are needed in order to do that. But the benefits of meditation in our life are priceless. What we can realise through meditation:

  1. Reinstating and realignment of our frequency through meditation

This way we can distress easier. Through meditation, we can:

  • create feelings of peace and profound inner tranquility
  • amplify the light from our energy fields
  • purify our cellular structure from toxins, emotions and negative thoughts
  • heal the cellular structure and eliminate the negative emotional stock
  • regenerate the cells
  • create a healthy radiant condition and also an electromagnetic field of protection around us.
  1. Opening to the inner guidance

The best way to reinstate to what our soul wants to transmit is to be quiet and to ask for it, in order to reinstate to the Universal Source through breathing.

In the moment we manage to calm our mind, we can ask for guidance. We can listen to the answers that are given to us. Though we must learn how to listen.

An aspect of western society is that people always try to find answer outside them. From their parents, friends, waiting to be commanded how to live their lives.

Despite these, if we accept the premise that no one else knows us the way we know ourselves and that we keep in our cellular memory all the answers to all our questions, then maybe we should go inside and open towards those answer through meditation.

  1. Developing our abilities of programming and re-programming

Through meditation, we can erase the inner tapes and to create the reality that we want, through liberating from the negative or limiting systems of beliefs.

All we need to do is to find a quiet place in which we should not be interrupted, to turn off the phone, to reinstate and to think at all the aspects in our life and evaluate them one by one.

Are we happy with our physical body? What changes can be done to help OUR BODY fell better? Then, is our emotional life satisfactory, do our relationships satisfy us?

  1. Accessing our inner vision

Through meditation, we can discover what our role is in life, and our personal mission which we came to accomplish.

The indicator on which we can rely on is joy. When we feel joy, we are on the good path.

Whenever we lose joy, it’s time we tried a new phase and maybe to head our energies in another part of this physical world.

When our inner guidance is perceived clearly, our life blooms and manifests the true essence of what we are and of our purpose.

  1. Weakening the state of unconditional love and joy

One of the most important teachings that meditation offers to us is realising the fact that WE ARE LOVE, our natural state is joy and all our emotions dwell in us, being triggered we the exterior events.

This is just one part of the process of becoming free: becoming aware of the fact that everything is inside us, and the things outside us serve just as triggers- if you permit those things to disturb you.

Meditation is a process that implies creating new habits. It is a transfigured process, through which we can find out who we really are.

Even if, at the beginning, some effort is needed to move from a stressful lifestyle, and lead by the “mind chatter” to a tranquil lifestyle, based on inner joy and serenity, this journey is worth the effort!

We will talk more about this matter in our future articles, about practical techniques and reinstating to the Source. Till then, we can try integrate just a few minutes of total tranquility each day our life!

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