Between losing the old self and gaining everything we can be

Often, on this path to transformation we need to leave behind relationships, people, friends, jobs, houses, attachments, patterns, judgments, points of view. We leave them behind and it feels like a mourning process. Just like any other ending we experience in our lives.

But the road is not just about what we leave behind. It’s not just about the parts of us that are getting constantly transformed and shifted towards what we are becoming. And is not only about the parts of us we take with us, leaving them behind at the same time.

It is especially about what we gain, what we become. What we incorporate after we dissolve the huge strings with everything we are not.

It is about always aligning ourselves with the truth that will take away from our path everything that doesn’t align with the frequency of that truth.

Old self-New self

In all these times of transition, it is important to allow ourselves the entire grieving process. To mourn everything that has been and will not be the same again. Or it will be, but in another way. Or we’ll find again in another way, somewhere else.

To mourn for everything inside that turns into something else. All the known world who turns into an unknown world that seems frightening and threatening to us. Until we take the first step. All the attachment to the old identity and all the impossibility to stop our becoming.

Let’s always celebrate the new possibilities that arise after we break away from the old choices. Let’s always consider what we are becoming. The new space we are gaining in ourselves, the choices and possibilities we have from this space. This is our anchor when we go through big transitions and, from time to time in our humanness, we want to return from where we left.

On the road we have ahead of us, there will be many moments when we feel lost, loosing the path and considering that it would be better to return to the comfort zone. It is important, in these kind of moments, to have as an anchor the joy of the new possibilities that are opening up. The joy of the new path, the joy of the people we will meet, influence and touch with the new version of ourselves.

Thus, the whole process will be more about the fullness than about emptiness. More about the future than about the past, about who we are than who we were. About what we choose from now on, no matter what pain, suffering, illusion, confusion, separation and judgments we lived in before.

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