Creating new possibilities: clearing entities sessions


  • You feel blockages and dense energies in your life and around you wherever you go
  • You feel as if there is someone else running your life and you are not in control 
  • You feel confused, powerless and lacking clarity in one or more areas of your life
  • You feel stuck no matter what you tried

…you could be needing to become more aware of various forms of energies that are affecting your life.

A lot of the blockages we have in our life in terms of mission, love, money, relationships, joy are coming from carrying in our energetic fields forms of energy that are feeding from our personal power. Energies we interacted with in other lifetimes, dimensions or realities or energies that are coming from our relationships, family, ancestors or places we live in.

This is what I’m offering to you in those sessions: the choice to become aware of the various forms of energy that are affecting you, the choice to clear them and to make space for new possibilities in your life.

What can we co-create during the clearing entities sessions:

  • Empower you to be more aware of these energies and stop being at the effect of these energies in your life
  • Differentiating between different types of entities that are affecting you
  • Clearing entities you have around you, in your home or various places you spend your time
  • Clearing entities that are affecting you from past lifetimes, timelines and dimensions
  • Clearing ancestors that are not a contribution to your life at this point
  • Closing energetic portals to lower dimensions that are open in your life
  • Connecting for new possibilities of creation with your own team of lightAfter clearing entities you could feel more empowered, more in touch with your body, with your real essence, more clear about what you want and the next steps for you and your life.

Duration: one hour
Price: 200 Euros
For payment, you can use Paypal (click here):

For scheduling an online appointment, please use the calendar bellow.
You will receive a firm confirmation from me regarding the date and the hour you picked.

Honouring your deep longing for Soul Union,

Mihaela Marinas
For any other details, you can write me at:

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