Closing old cycles, opening new timelines

We are going through a time with huge possibilities of transmuting the energies that have kept us blocked in old cycles.

The most painful patterns of the last decade of our lives are closing now. We have the chance to transmute huge amounts of energy and make quantum leaps on the path of our Soul.

All we need to do is look at the biggest demons that have eaten our energy. Let’s identify them, see them and make a different choice. Let us transmute all the powerlessness, pain and the addiction to suffering. Let’s make our choices from the place of embodying the infinite beings that we are, at the highest level.

Big cycles that entrapped us, big walls we kept bumping into again and again, all the places where we gave our power away, all the situations where we were less than we are and where it seemed we had no choice. All of this can be transmuted now, if we are willing to make the higher choice.

Now is the time to alchemize them. Let us receive their gift, thank them and release them. Let us heal the breaches from which we have manifested these energies and dynamics in our lives. Let’s nurture the injured parts of us, bring them into the light and transmute them.

And let’s open the new timelines. For 2020 and for the new decade. Let’s make the highest choices. Let’s dare more. Love more. Expand more. Let’s be more.

We are at a crossroad between timelines, destiny lines, loops, cycles and paths. It seems chaotic for now, but the opportunities are huge. We can feel fear because, somewhere, deep in the soul, we can feel that everything we dreamed we could be, do and have can finally come into form. We can feel doubt because the part of us that has stopped our growth so far knows that is dying at the effect the new energies that are coming.

Let’s stop for a moment. Let ask ourselves: What is the Truth of my soul? What do I need to live in Truth?

What choice do I need to make to be everything I can ever be? Because it is clear, we can no longer resist that choice.


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