Conscious Relationships and Sacred Union

Sacred Union

I believe that the greatest longing of our souls on this planet is to reach again that state of union with the Divine, which we all know in our cells. And out of this longing, we begin to look for relationships and long for each other, hoping that one day we will find that relationship that will deliver God directly to our home address. Then we want to shut God  with us in the house and not ever let him go. Because we need him to fill all our inner void and get rid of the illusions of separation in which we have been drowning for centuries.

The Sacred Union with the Divine is the deepest longing of our soul. The most tangible way we can get this feeling on Earth is in a relationship. That’s why we want so much to be in a relationship. At the same time, that’s why it is so difficult for us to have a relationship exactly as we want it to be. It is as if the deepest longing becomes our greatest suffering. As a promise that is denied to us, and the more it is denied, the more we want it, and the more we want it, the more it is denied. It’s been like this for a long time, for many souls.

But what I have understood in recent years after many initiations on the path of Love is as simple as it is complicated: the Sacred Union is not a relationship, but a level of consciousness that can be reached in relationships. It has nothing to do with the obsession that many of us have had at the collective level: that the Sacred Union is possible only in a certain relationship, and if that relationship is not possible on Earth, we have missed our chance to have a fulfilling life.

What is Sacred Union?

The Sacred Union is a level beyond polarity, in which dualities dissolve as a whole. Continuing to exist, at the same time that no longer exists separately. Good-bad, dark-light, day-night are together exactly as in the sign of Yin and Yang and give us, ordinary mortals and pieces of God at the same time, the sublime taste of Divine Grace and Deity.

At this level, we feel in every cell that we can never be separated from God and that we are all part of the same universal consciousness. We are a reflection of the same consciousness.

When you experience this level of consciousness with a partner, you look into his eyes and see yourself at the same time as you see God and you, and him, and everything is one. There is no more boundary between him and you and between you and God, and the whole ego dissolves.

It is a fusion of all structures, from the highest level of the soul to the lowest level of matter, you are the other and the other is you and together you are God.

You are a channel of Divine Love that amplifies and grows in the presence of the other. The more you give, the more you receive and the more you receive, the more you want to give.

You hear what the other person thinks as if you are living in his mind, brain, cells, and soul. The other person’s soul clothes you and inhabits you exactly as if it were your own soul. You feel everything the other person feels, you know everything the other person knows. There is no longer any level of separation, you merge with your soul, with the one in front of you and with the Divine at the same time.

Distortions on the old timeline of the Sacred Union

Those of us who have encountered this level of consciousness through a mystical connection that we have experienced with another soul at one time, have lived for years under the illusion that the Sacred Union is a relationship, a single relationship, and that this state can be lived only where it was first shown to us. We made obsessive projections on unavailable partners because we limited the energy of the Sacred Union – which, in fact, cannot be limited – to the place where we were first shown this energy in this dimension.

And on this old timeline that I feel is now coming to an end collectively – we have tried for years and years, in vain, to build a house from the roof. Because some of us had mystical encounters that catapulted us directly onto the roof, we then tried to bring here that unique energy that we felt in those activations and encounters of the soul. But we tried to limit too much that energy that is essentially unlimited. We tried to put it in a box that belonged to us and was there, as we want, when we want, in our conditions, in that relationship, with that man, with that woman (which was usually not available for a human relationship.)

The organic timeline of the Sacred Union

But the Sacred Union is an unlimited level of consciousness and available to anyone who can access it. Sometimes we can attain it through spiritual practices such as meditation. The relational path is the most fulfilling, but also the most challenging. What I feel is happening now on a collective level is the transition to the organic timeline of the Sacred Union, which also means getting out of torment and programs like “Love is Impossible on Earth.”

On the organic timeline of the Sacred Union, this energy can be achieved from the bottom up, through the organic construction, on a solid foundation, of a conscious relationship. We start from ourselves, we get out of narcissistic and co-dependent adaptations, we deeply honour ourselves and we attract a partner in the same inner sovereignty as us. We keep the relationship framework clean and safe and make sure there is room for heart-to-heart meeting. When we work in this way, from the bottom up, when both partners are ready, they can rise to the level of consciousness of the Sacred Union. At the same time that the Sacred Union descends upon us, just as in the saying, “When you take a step toward God, God takes 1,000 steps toward you.”

Yes, it can take years to reach that level. And when we reach this level with a partner, it is not a permanent state. We may tend to cling to that state, to be afraid that we will lose it permanently, but like any state of consciousness, in this terrestrial plane, it has variations and it is natural to be so. Today we reach that level of non-duality and tomorrow I remember a childhood trauma and this is how I came out of the level of consciousness of the Sacred Union. I give myself time to process, I share with my partner what I’m going through, then I come back with an open heart to me and him and then we can climb together again.

The challenges of the Sacred Union

99% of relationships do not reach this level because they remain stuck in the initial phase of the relationship, which is almost always the phase of karmic cleansing of patterns, wounds and personal trauma. It requires spiritual mastery and emotional maturity to be able to rise to this level while allowing the Sacred Union to descend into our hearts.

Very important, an aspect that happens on the old timeline and that we have seen in many souls: sometimes we lose ourselves too much in the concepts of Sacred Union, Divine Masculine and Feminine – not that these energies are not real, because they are. But the danger comes when we hide behind the concepts, we run them like mental needs in the name of which we have obsession and we no longer really see the person in front of us and with whom we are really in a relationship. As he is, with all his.

In the pursuit of the Sacred Union that we turn into an addiction, we forget to accept ourselves and the other in front of us as it is, beyond concepts, and we miss the meeting from heart to heart. The encounter from the heart to the heart occurs naturally when we learn the real intimacy: to accept ourselves and the other, with every particle of us and of him. When we are stuck in concepts and do not truly meet, we are in the path of exactly that energy that we want most. Desiring it so much, clinging to it so strongly, we push it even further out of our consciousness and enter a state of deprivation that further removes the possibility of grounding this level of consciousness in our lives.

Now, an organic timeline opens in front of us, which can be built from a solid foundation, ground floor and upper floors to the roof. Those who had the way to do the reverse process, from top to bottom, played a key role at the collective level in anchoring the organic timeline. During all these years, many energy levels have been dewormed, which could make the path easier for the next period. At the same time, the old timeline is ending.

It is time to get out of obsessions with what has not been possible and to continue to feed the program that “Love, at that level that our souls know, is not possible here on Earth.” Love is here, in our hearts, but it can only descend on fertile ground. It is our responsibility to take care of the fertile ground on which it descends. Just like when we build a house we make sure that we have chosen the best land that can support the subsequent construction.

We will talk about how we can build space in conscious relationships in order to bring the level of consciousness of the Sacred Union into our lives in the training CONSCIOUS LOVE between 20th-30th of june.

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