Everything changes. Even when it doesn’t seem to

We live intense times on a collective level. For several months now, the general feeling is that something seems to change for good. We cannot yet define the change, but we feel it’s energy.

Sometimes the process seems confusing. Other times, we manage to see a little bit from the new energy, and then we can return to the trenches, to purify what lies between us and the new energy. In relationships, in profession, in our projects, in the way we relate to each other, everything seems to change.

For those who have reached a critical threshold of awareness, the old dies once for all. Everything that is not in Love, in Truth, everything that is dictated by the ego, can no longer be sustained.

Bindings, strings, attachments, guilt disappear. The old ways in which we live our lives dissipate. We make room for the new. A new way of feeling, perceiving, living. Not overnight, but sometimes with fierce resistance from the part of us who wants our whole life to change, while everything stays the same… Funny and painful at the same time.

We are called to connect with ourselves, with the body, to a new level of presence and of being grounded. We are invited to connect from Higher Self to Higher Self. From heart to heart. From soul to soul. From Light to Light.

The energies are sometimes overwhelming. We can feel that the old structures, as we knew them, cannot cope with so much energy. It is important to remember that the Higher Self guides everything. Things are orchestrated at a higher level, seeking alignment between the human and the divine. The Divine plan of the soul happens sooner or later, no matter how much we fight and resist.

Fear is activated and released. If we allow ourselves to be shining, to claim all our love, abundance, ease and flow, we will die – whispers our fear in our ears. Because yes, a part of us will die, the one that kept us in separation, in distortion, in illusion.

The feeling of being overwhelmed is growing more and more and we need to let go of it. The part of us that has never been through this is overwhelmed. The body is sometimes rigid because it is scared. In order to reach such light, it was necessary to leave our bodies behind. Now we can do the whole process in the body.

At this level, this process has never been done on Earth. We do not know what will happen, or where we’ll go. It’s a whole new map. The human self is scared. But our Divine Self knows the way and waits for centuries to descend here. Some of us cannot imagine the greatness, the light and the power that we will incorporate. We have no degree of comparison or map to represent what follows.

We are at a crossroads of timelines. We have the opportunity to walk on the highest timeline possible for us from 2020. Until then, we have several months of intense purification of everything that limits us. What is the highest destiny line, in accordance with our highest good? What do we have to integrate, transmute, alchemize to be able to sustain that energy?

There are many possibilities on the horizon, some are about to materialize, others are not. To leave the process in the hands of the higher self, to relax, to make decisions only when we feel them in all our structures. Not from fear and old patterns, but from the higher Self. We can’t do anything wrong. The important part is the intention to align ourselves to the energy of our soul and to our highest good.

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