Fear means accessing personal power in a way that is not comfortable

Fear is a mechanism that is getting triggered every time we go to the next level. Hand in hand with change, it is a constant in our lives.

We need to get out of any kind of reaction and fight against fear, because reacting against fear is the safest way to lose our energy. Whether we want it or not, fear is there constantly. It appears again and again. Whenever we get out of our comfort zone, whenever we go to the next level, in our mission, in our personal life, in relationships, in everything we are and everything we do.

The fear of survival, fear of abandonment, fear of failure, fear of death. The fear that we will be laugh at, we will be humiliated, we will destroy our entire lives, we will explode into thousands of pieces. But also the fear of success, of expansion, of our highest potential. That this time we will succeed, that this time we will be really happy, that this time our life will really change.

What will we do then? What will we do with the part of us attached to suffering? With the part that doesn’t want to grow? What will we identify with? Who will we become?

All of these are questions that put us in touch with fear because, in fact, they put us in touch with our power. And personal power is extremely uncomfortable. Because it moves us out of the comfort zone and forces us to expand beyond what we thought was possible. And it is very uncomfortable to stay in the truth of who we really are.

Not to talk about the fears we have at the cellular level, stored in our bodies lifetime after lifetime. The fear of coming to light, of being punished, of being too bright, too good, too bad, too dark, too intense. Too exaggerated. Too much or not enough. Fears from the lifetimes where we were not allowed to show our gifts. Fears from the lifetimes in which we were diminished, affected by energies different then what we trully are.

If you feel fear now, you are probably finding yourself in a time when it is revealed to you who you really are, to a whole new level. And all the mechanisms through which you have protected yourself from your greatness up to this moment are feeling threatened by the path you are about to start.

Embrace your fear. With a trembling voice and shaky feet, even if you feel like running for the hills, breathe deeply and take the next step. Whatever that is. Even if you don’t see the next steps. Even if you’re not comfortable.

Step into who you are, hand in hand with your fear. And you will discover you are more supported than you thought and more loved than you ever imagined.


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