Good bye, 2019!

The energy of 2019 was like an unannounced exam you have to sustain exactly when you were bragging that you learned your lesson. And surprise, you also got an F in the exam.

That was the year 2019 for me. I’ve been put through many tests of patience, compassion, gentleness, devotion, perseverance. Everything I thought I was already mastering and manifesting in my life.

I have had some of the greatest humbleness lessons for the part of me that still struggles with the divine will.

It’s not up to your ego and your ambition – I’ve been said again and again. And it is wonderful that it is so – I understood, when I rediscovered the perfection of the divine plan.

Everything is orchestrated in the higher dimensions, with the agreement of our divine Self. And the Divine Self is still us, on a higher level of consciousness. It is important to allow the human self to align with the will of the Divine Self. Then the fear, the resistance, the small ambition, the desire to demonstrate, the ego, the impatience, the tendency to push disappears.

Your will be done. It’s not the way I want it, it’s the way You want it – this was my mantra for 2019.

And the truth has become more and more obvious to me: Yes, it’s the way You want it. And You is still Me, on the highest level of my Self. So, yes, there is no conflict between my will and the Divine Will. 

Yes, it has been a difficult year for all the parts of us still subjected to illusion.

I learned that:

  • Unspoken things are the ones that are hurting us the most
  • But sometimes the things said from wounds and disconnection are even more painful
  • When we remember how beloved we are, in Heaven and on Earth, we can do whatever is in alignment with our higher selves
  • My highest good is not in conflict with the highest good of others
  • To refrain from doing something that is toward our highest good from fear of hurting others is the way we are keeping ourselves in illusion
  • Everything is orchestrated at a higher level. And we are co-creators, on the highest levels of our being
  • There is no room for less than the Truth in our lives, but Truth always needs to come together with Love

And, as difficult as it was – hard because it forced us to look where we did not want and unpleasant because it led us to our biggest resistances, 2019 was at the same time generous. Because it also gave us the opportunity to prepare and learn our lessons so we can take the exam once again.In 2020, with the support of our real Self, in agreement with who we really are, we will be able to pass all the failed exams in 2019. This time, with big chances of moving to the next level.

Be blessed, 2019! You have been one of the hardest but most precious years of the last decade. You brought humbleness where we thought we had learned our lessons, you cut through the wounded flesh where Truth was needed, you brought to light all the areas where we could not be Love and, in the end, you took with you any small area of lack of alignment behind which we could hide.

2020, we have been preparing for you for many years! Every time we went into a new year in the last decade, we put a brick for the full transition to the year of our real becoming. To our Renewed Self, to the best version of ourselves, to our real potential, to whom we have not allowed ourselves to fully be, so far.

We are waiting for you with the confidence that you will bring us exactly what we need. And if you feel too overwhelmed by the hopes we place on your shoulders, please remind us that you will not be able to bring us more than we allow ourselves to take from you. 

Happy New Year, in Love and Truth!


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