Gratitude and reasons to be grateful

There are thousands of things we should be grateful for every day. No matter what happens in our lives, there is always place for gratitude.

Here you have a list with a few things that will help you to be grateful. Gratitude is an essential key that will help you to attract the positive aspects in your life.

So, you should use this list every day to include gratitude in your life:

  1. Every morning, you have to be grateful that the sun rises and shines upon your window. This is a sign that you are still alive and ready to enjoy another wonderful day.
  2. Be grateful for your ordinary car that you don’t like anymore. It reminds you that you have wishes to dream of.
  3. Be grateful for the mistakes that you are going to make today. They will change you in a strong person and they will bring you to the knowledge and the wisdom you didn’t have before making that mistake.
  4. Be grateful for the love that exists in your life. Even if you are not involved in a relationship in the present, just be grateful for the friendship and love that you can offer to yourself.
  5. Be grateful for your imperfections. This fact reminds you that there is always time to grow and to develop your personality. Life is boring and charmless for the perfect people.
  6. Be grateful for the cold wind that touches your face every morning you leave for work. The cold weather reminds us that we are alive and that we should enjoy the warmth of our breathe.
  7. Be grateful for the person that stab you in the back. This reminds you that there is always somebody for you, no matter the unpleasant situations you are facing with.
  8. Be grateful for the music that pisses you off. It reminds you that you have healthy ears and that you are capable to decide what you like and dislike.
  9. Be grateful for all the problems that you have because this fact reminds you that you have the capacity to solve them and to improve your life.

Gratitude for small things

Just remember to be grateful for the simplest things in your life! Because you have plenty of water, because you have a place to sleep, because you have something to eat.

If you can’t be grateful for anything, just search on the Internet and see the way the Indians live.

You will be thankful for the fact that you use newspapers to inform yourself, while they use it to enwrap themselves.

Maybe you will see your ordinary life as a wonderful one. You will be grateful for all those sad moments in your life and you will start seeing them as joyful ones. So, the law of attraction will bring you even more joy in your life.

Try this exercise: “Gratitude for a day”.

Choose an object or an experience that make you feel thankful for. Maybe a jewel, a book, a t-shirt, the smile of a child.

When you decide to do this, just stay a few moments focusing on that object. Bring in your soul a strong feeling of gratitude. When your whole existence is connected to this gratitude feeling, just say out loud:

“Today I choose to be grateful for the experience that I am having. I will find a positive aspect in every trial that I am going to face with, in every moment of frustration and in every person I will meet. I will make a conscious effort to remain in the present, to constantly be aware of the temptation to disconnect to this reality and to be capable of bringing again my emotions and feelings on the good path. This thing will permanently remind me that I can be grateful for everything and that I will practice this freedom to choose during the gratitude day”.

Then put aside the gratitude symbol and start doing your daily activities.

If you face with frustration and anger during the day, just impose yourself to feel again the gratitude attitude.

Consider a personal mission to find something good in every situation and work hard to make the positive thoughts come back to you again.

Just live the gratitude and do not forget: “We live our lives as we live our days.”

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