Happy life: three key elements for a happy life

These are three key elements for a happy life:

  • Loving relationships
  • Belief in the existence of something beyond this 3D human reality
  • Live the life experience whole – heartedly. Live your life having full self–consciousness of unconditioned love, of Higher Self and of serving the others for obtaining their best 
  1. Loving relationships for a happy life

Now it is the time for acting. For working on what needs to be changed in your lives as this is what the new levels of energy are requesting.

At this very moment a planetary detoxicating process takes place. Everything that is not resonating with the new developing heart chakra, becomes more and more difficult to stand.

Do you hate your job? Under the new energy, should your work not be in accordance with your soul and therefore not satisfying, you get ill easier.

The same thing is valid for all relationships, of every kind. The relationships of heart shall develop and flourish whereas the others shall deteriorate even more.

The main purpose of each soul is to create more love and Light by which means to turn to the Divine Source.

Your families and friends have the same purpose. They looking for happiness through their life experiences, although most of them are not aware of this.

How to have a happy life? Do everything that makes you happy. Meet those people that share the same quality of happiness as you.

Live in a place that makes you happy. Try not to let your mind decide upon all your decisions – as your mind only sees figures and facts and is weaving fear all around. Listen to your feelings as they are those that actually matter!

See and appreciate any opportunity of healing a wound, of bringing joy to a soul, of defeating fear and of sharing as much love as possible.

There is no greater power than love and you may create love each day, in all your interactions with life.

  1. The belief there is a higher power

Do you keep fighting against depression, loneliness, abandon or inferiority feelings? Against feeling you miss something essential or are you looking for the unknown and intangible “home”?

All these are the symptoms of the permanent search for a belief system that might resonate with you.

Religions will finally determine you come to a dead end under the new energies as they insist upon the separation between us and God. Upon being inferior to Him. And upon carrying a sin that only God may judge and forgive by means of another human being.

Actually we return your powers to you – Spirit is not judgmental. Only the human being is – by judging oneself and the others – limiting his thoughts, feelings and actions.

The most important thing is: your belief in a higher power to turn into belief this higher power exists within yourselves!

3. Live your happy life guided by your soul!

In order to reach and maintain a higher level of consciousness you have to love yourself exactly the way you are. Be around family and friends that share similar points of view.

Live your dreams every moment, visualise them as being already fulfilled and try to find joy in accomplishing them.

Eliminating all those things that do not resonate with happiness is a difficult but necessary transition. Place beyond everything happiness and gratitude and leave aside everything with lower resonance.

How to completely love yourself and trust yourself? Living in accordance with your believes. By honouring higher truth and treating each being as a Divine Being.

By using your gifts and talents to help the others you shall enhance self love and extended believes, each moment from NOW.

Working on something that feeds your soul shall bring happiness and the job you enjoy doing shall spread love all around.

Discover your soul gifts and talents and use them – the two essential steps to supreme happiness.

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