Humbleness towards Life


What is the difference between humbleness, how small we are as humans, how little control we have over our lives and living our lives chaotically? Without any real fundament, without any resort? Because it doesn’t matter anyway and it is not in our power to change anything?

What is the middle line between feeling like the master of your own life and being arrogant? Not taking into account the force that, at the smallest sign, can crush you, the way life can do it at any time?

How can you live life doing what you want to do and determining your own destiny, knowing in the same time that at any given moment, everything can end and actually you cannot actually control anything in this life?

Travelling with the plane…of life

I think this topic can be looked at from the perspective of travelling on a plane. You go to the airport towards what you have to do and the place you must arrive at. With the hope that everything will be alright and that everything will flow smoothly. And that you will be safe, just as we do every day when we wake up.

But when you fly, you realise that absolutely nothing of what happens to you while on that plane is in your hands. You can only hope from all your heart that the pilot, their crew and God will keep the plane in the air so you can continue with your life the way you want to.

This is the moment of maximum honesty with yourself. The moment when you realise you would not be able to carry on with your life and to do what you have to do in your life, if from time to time, you hadn’t the blind faith to surrender to something bigger than you, in deep humbleness.

Then you continue with your trip in the air silently hoping, without showing it to others, that the turbulence which you pass through will not mean the end of your life and you will continue to make jokes with your flight mates. Exactly as in life, by trying to believe that everything will be alright even when you are afraid deep down your soul with every step you take.

And the moment when you start getting closer to the ground and realise that nothing serious can happen anymore, you come back to the same old fake sense of self-empowerment: “of course nothing can happen to me! It’s only in movies that these kinds of things happen.”

What real humbleness means?

But that moment of authenticity in which you continue doing what you need to do in your life, even though you know that at some level you are not in control of the major events in your life, will stay imprinted in your soul.

That place within can offer you the humbleness towards life that you need in order to gather your personal power and to make a solid foundation for your life.

Yes, I am not in control of anything regarding my life, but I do not have the right to use this as an excuse for not doing anything with my life. I will do everything I must do with my life. With the full awareness of the fact that I am very small compared to the greatness of life, so that I won’t regret anything when my insignificant but so important life will have ended.

An empowered life, in a humble way

And the secret is that, when we surrender our lives in the hands of something greater, in deep and profound humbleness, that “something” will accompany us and will give us the power of doing all we need to do to give a meaning to our lives.

From that place inside of us, in which we bow to the ground in front of the greatness of life, we can achieve the necessary stance for going through life knowing what we want, what is good for us, what makes us happy and what our boundaries are.

It’s then when we get to understand that we are insignificant as well as incredibly important to same degree. That our breath means nothing and that in the same time it has the whole life giving warmth from the Universe. That our life means nothing and is worth everything altogether.

That is the moment when, at the same time, the fragility and the greatness of the human condition will unveil in front of our eyes. That is the moment that will change our lives forever.

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