I don’t want impossible love to exist on Earth anymore…

We’ve all seen countless movies about impossible love. The more impossible the love, the more successful the film, I would say, joking. Or not.

It seems even that we have developed a “secret pleasure” for impossible love. Because it leaves us with the longing, the desire … with that feeling that is more beautiful if it is not touched.

It’s sad to see such stories also in real life … for many many years. We’ve seen impossible love in our families, in our relatives, in our friends.

That the families did not agree with their relationship, that they lived too far away from each other, that one was a worker and another was intellectual. That one was too thin and another was too fat, that they did not pray to the same God, that she was taller than him… And a lot of other “irreconcilable” differences.

Broken hearts, destinies marked for eternity. Souls driven by the wishes of others, by the conditioning of society, by the “mouth of the world”, anything less than the deepest longing of the heart.

And then, of course, we hear the continuation of the story: everyone married to someone else, torturing themselves inside every day in an attempt to do the right thing. In front of the others. In front of the world. But not in front of your own soul.

And in a sad and miraculous way at the same time, that was the cost of life for many of us…

Impossible love, marked destinies

Many of us, including myself, are born in families who built themselves on broken hearts. Hearts broken into the fire of many lost love affaires, true to the heart but not acceptable for the classical standards of the society.

We were born from incredible sacrifices of our parents. Beautiful souls who, although craving for their own “impossible loves” and for their lost dreams, chose to settle down in relationships acceptable for society, but incomplete for their hearts.

It is the time on this Earth to start to manifest something else. It’s time to leave behind everything we’ve put in the way of true love for centuries.

To leave behind the voices and opinions of those around us and listen to the voice of the heart. And follow our love. After centuries of doing the opposite: we left behind the love and followed the illusion.

It’s time to get back to Truth

Yes, there are loves in this world that we have to give up to. Because every soul from the two has another way to follow in this life. And then it’s okay: we live what we have to live together and then we move on, each of us towards something else.

But there are loves in this world that we should never give up to. There are loves for which it is worth to hope, to breathe and to exist. There are loves that deserve to be turned into eternities.

This is that unique, true love that you meet not once in lifetime, but once in many lifetimes. The Love that creates universes and galaxies. Which can multiply the light on Earth. Which can help create a more beautiful world. Inside and outside.

And what we have to do is not give up such love, as we do too many times, but give up the obstacles we put in its way.

Let us give up the conditioning that keeps us entrapped for centuries: distance, social status, age, money, the opinion of the family who thinks we are crazy, the opinion of the friends who are judging us, the impact of the collective consciousness that wants us to be robots aligned each morning, on our way to work …

Sometimes we put in the way of love the dark parts of us that we let control our lives. Sometimes we let the love escape through our fingers, from fear of confronting our own demons.

Love that creates Universes

However, we know it deeply, and if it happened to us or not: There are loves that must be preserved and lived to the end. Because the earth needs people who truly love and manifest this in their daily lives.

Impossible love stories have been created for centuries. Our cellular memory is full of them. We need now something else. We need people who have worked enough with themselves to make the difference between addiction, obsession, projection and true love.

And we need people who have the courage to recognise, with every cell in their bodies and their souls, that they have found true love.

And people who find the courage to follow love, beyond the deep blind loyalties towards all those they carry in their blood and who have given up their love.

To follow love, no matter where it leads you. Knowing that when you follow love, you can never make a mistake. Because it is the only thing that really matters, both on earth and in heaven.

I only wish, in these moments of  profound transformation that the mankind crosses, for this one thing: that people will have the discernment to know when to let go of love and when to let go of everything they put in the way of love. It can be the fundamental thing that will help us transform this Earth.

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