I dream…

Today, for 8th of March, I dream…

I dream of a world…

…In which women are loving their men so deeply that they can never get their hands on a weapon again.

…In which men have such an open heart that they can never see an enemy instead of a brother.

…In which the women are gathering together to offer to the earth the blood offering of their womb  so that the blood of their men may never again be needed to wash away the small ambitions of this world

…In which women hold into their wombs and birth to the world the vision of peace

…In which men can receive in their hearts the blessing of the true power

…In which women are offered the gift of safety so that they can freely offer the gift of life

…In which men can put the integrity of their own heart above the feeling of duty

In which, together, men and women have the power to put Love above anything else. Even when we seem to be forced to choose something else.

I dream of a world in which it is as clear as daylight that the separation in which we invest so much energy is just another invention created to keep our hearts hardened.

I dream of a world of an open heart, no matter the circumstances. A heart ripped wide open, in a non-negotiable way. A world of Love, at all costs.

I dream…

And, maybe, I’m not alone…

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