Inner freedom: going beyond polarity

Everything can be important and unimportant, predictable and unpredictable, avoidable and unavoidable, definite and temporary, irreparable and reparable, fragile and strong in the same time.

Yes, life is full of paradoxes and accepting these paradoxes and going beyond polarity is the key to inner freedom.

We are alone in our lives. But strangely enough, we are also a part of others’ lives and others are a part of our lives as well.

We are helpless from time to time. And sometimes there are bigger forces involved in our lives. But, in the same time, we have a lot of power. We are capable of building anything that could cross our minds in a lifetime. From financial empires to things that are built with the force of the soul and the power of love.

Every day life faces us with our omnipotence and our helplessness. With our greatness and our smallness, with our importance and our lack of importance. With the way we are and we are not all these things altogether.

And when we assert about ourselves or about a certain reality that is in a certain way, implicitly we attribute to it also the opposing correspondent sign.

Beyond polarity

Because there is a point in which everything is and is not in a certain way and in which everything is in a way and the other way as well. This is a point of maximum inner freedom for us.

It only depends on the perspective we look at things from. And the more we are able to provide ourselves with the opportunity to access such a perspective, the more we can enrich our lives. The more we will access our inner freedom.

We are not confined anymore to cling onto a single option that seems plausible in a certain moment.

In the next moment, the same reality can appear from a different point of view and this will offer us another perspective upon any situation.

Inner freedom or instability?

Of course, the following question occurs:

How can we access this way of perceiving reality, by keeping in the same time a coherence of our personality and our principles by which we lead our lives?

How far does the freedom to juggle with different points of view upon a certain situation can go?

Beyond what limit do we risk to be perceived as unreliable, unstable or emotionally incoherent?

Those who experienced this state of inner freedom (in which it was clear to them that life is a long thread of paradoxes and apparent contradictions that, put together, make the biggest possible sense) also know one more thing. At a certain level, truth is not within any of these extremes, but in a point beyond them, in a place so beautiful and great that comprises all that can be.

In that place, we have access to all possibilities and we have the right to choose what fits us in a certain moment. There, we can give ourselves the right to be however we can be. We can turn a situation in all its facets, knowing that any situation bears within it the seed of all possibilities.

Then, by keeping in our souls the awareness of all the possibilities, we have the inner freedom to choose the available option for us in that moment.

We can decide in what way of all the available countless ways we want to express ourselves in one moment of our life.

Knowing that, anyway, we are a little bit of everything and this is how life is and we are nothing but a part of it.


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