Inspirational quotes and thoughts on fear

Inspirational quotes on a big issue for every human being: fear

Each of us is blinded by the things they are afraid of. If we fear heights, we are blind to the humbleness that vast perspectives bring. If we fear spiders, we are blind to the wonders and dangers of the spider web. If we are afraid of closed and narrow spaces, we are blind to the secrets of unexpected solitude. If we fear passion, we are blind to the caress of unity and uniqueness. If we are afraid of change, we are blind to the prosperity and diversity of life. If we fear death, we are blind to the mysteries of the unknown. And given that the fear of something is entirely human, blindness is inevitable.” Mark Nepo

We all are afraid of something. Here are some inspirational quotes so we can see what we lose when we are afraid in various situations:

We are blind to:

  • The present moment and we lose the savour of the life lived in the now.
  • Small things and we lose the joy of big things.
  • The unexpected love proves and lose soul to soul connection with others.
  • The greatness of nature and we lose the freshness of life.
  • People who pass us by on the street and we lose the certainty of the unity of our souls.
  • People’s pain and lose the chance to understand our own pain.
  • The beauty of each step that we can make on Earth and we lose the beauty of life.
  • The rain drops that drop on us and we lose the possibility of hydrating our own soul.
  • The small signs and we lose big answers.
  • The significance of time and lose the importance of moments.
  • Life’s wisdom and we lose, each moment, chances that could open for us towards something else.

How many things are we blind to in this life?

Maybe what we fear most is that when we will not be afraid of those things anymore, we will be too happy. We will see too much light around us.

So we self-sabotage our chance to happiness and we blind ourselves, moving forward through life with our hands on our eyes. So we don’t look our fears in the face and be free afterwards.

And I believe that the most painful of all is the fear of life. The fear of seeing how beautiful life is, the fear of truly living in the here and now. The fear that, if we truly lived, something bad might happen.

So somehow we become blind to our own life. We run on a dead end track, blind to the beauty of the race we run in.

Becoming free of fear: inspirational quotes on love

How do we make it so that from time to time, we liberate ourselves from this race and see what is to be seen with love?

I still don’t have an answer, but I will contemplate upon one of the most beautiful inspirational quotes:

“Let us live along with things and not in front of them, let us not look at them anymore, but realise that we are a part of all we see – this is the love that brings us back to the whole when we’re fragmented.” Mark Nepo

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