Inspiring thoughts and tears for my inner child

Inspiring thoughts for healing your inner child

The most painful thing is not the fact that, in some moments, our parents hurt and abandoned our inner child. But the fact that we are the ones who left our inner child behind.

Every time we felt humiliated, forgotten, reduced and helpless in our fragile souls.

Recently, I made myself some time to talk to my dear child who, at ten years old, stayed all alone in the house for a longer period of time. Here are some inspiring thoughts for your own process of healing your inner child:

Inner child wounds

How many things depended then in my life of this child’s perspective…

In how many life situations did I not react from this child’s perspective

Who decided then that she cannot rejoice anymore with the beauty of the play. Because she needs to grow up.

That she must always look after herself because no one else will do it…

And that she needs to be serious because life is hard. And there is no point in enjoying too much of anything in this world. Because, one day, she will anyway be by herself… again.

From that point on, she decided she will never ask for help because she can manage on her own. And she decided to please everybody so no one will get mad at her ever again… and so no one will leave her alone ever again…

That is when she reconfigured the Universe. She realised that the more comfortable and secure the world seems when mom and dad are at home, the more insecure is everything when you plunge in loneliness.

Healing the wounds

And I cried for her and I felt her pain and I whispered to her, through the tears:

“My dear child, you don’t have to understand what happened, but you need to know that people involved did what they could and what they knew best. Now you can live through the pain of being alone…

And after you truly experience it, you can forget going back in that place… you can start to remember the joy of your play and the beauty of being a child. You can let someone look after you and you can rejoice without being afraid something bad will happen.

I am sorry I left you there. It hurt me too much. And I preferred to find something else to be busy with… I preferred to grow up so I can take care of myself… and I forgot I cannot fully take care of myself until you are a part of me again.

Now I’m going back to get you because in all these years I saw how hard life is without you. How tiring it is to take yourself seriously so much, like grownups do or they are forced to grow up too soon… How painful it is not to be able to relax not for one second. Because you are afraid that all will fall apart if you give up control for one instant…

Time for reuniting

Dear child, it is time to claim you from dusted and distorted memories from too much pain… It is time for you to come home and it is time to know that nobody took away your safe haven from your parents chests and nobody ever will.

It is time to know that your pain was legitimate. But it is time for it to transform into something else. It is time to take your place back in my life. And to create together the playful path through life.

It is time for your crying to be heard. I heard it, at last. I had to, because the adult in me started to scream for you… out of longing…”

After tears, inspiring thoughts

How sad lives we live without the child within!

But we prefer to because it is much too painful to go back for them… In the moment when in their beautiful eyes the world changed forever.

When all they knew to be secure and warm and friendly and meaningful on this world transformed into this big and lonely and mute desperation. That moment is the one that made our lives so painful

And, in all this process, the most inspiring thoughts of all: If only we could find the strength to rewrite with love the story of that moment, we could certainly live another life.

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