Intuition: the art of living a full live

Intuition is a force of life that dwells in each of us. It is the profound wisdom and the interior knowledge from which we can receive information that are valuable to us.

We can access this source of knowledge through inner feelings that tell us, each and every moment, what is right and good for us.

A natural gift

We are all gifted with this talent since birth. It is said that some people are more intuitive than others. And that women usually are more intuitive than men. The good news is that, through practicing, almost all of us can regain and develop our native intuition.

Even if the message that comes through these channels can be fragmented, if we learn how to follow, step by step, this flow of information, eventually we will be revealed the proper way to action.

When we are going to learn how to count on this guiding principle, our life will become more easy, mild and flowing. Our feelings and actions will weave harmoniously with those of the people around us.

We all have intuitive feelings, each and every moment. Many of us are accustomed to the rational way of seeing things.

We often don’t allow the intuitive feelings to take shape, because we quickly deny them. Have you ever thought, for a fraction of second: “Wow, I would like to do this!’’ and then change your mind:”NO, I cannot do this. It is nonsense. What would others say? I do not know nothing about it!”

Why we let go of our intuition

One of the reasons for which people do not learn how to have trust and follow their intuition is that, since an young age, we are trained to respect certain rules of behaviour. Also we repress our spontaneous answers and do what we are expected to.

Furthermore, we are taught to believe the information that come from the exterior and to neglect our inner feelings. But, as Neale Donald Walsch would say: “Feelings are the only authorised source of information. “

If we don’t pay attention to this thing, and many adults do not pay attention to this, we will tend to believe that the life’s answer are somewhere outside us and we depend on others.

We trust our teachers, our spiritual leaders etc, and we develop dependencies that will become harmful for our individuality. But sooner or later, we will realise that our interior guidance is the only supreme source which we can trust.

When we set on the road on the path of listening intuition, it is good to be aware of the fact that this intuitive capacity offers us only that information we need now, in the present moment.

Then, at the next level, we will find out what to do next. We will have the sensation that we step out in the unknown that is uncertain. We are frightened, but still excited and full of life.

How to train our intuition

That is why it is important to begin with small steps and little by little to gain trust. It is better not to take major decisions after the first week of practice!

We should start with minor decisions such as: “What am I going to wear today? What kind of movie should I watch?”

You can start by writing down the way you feel when you act guided by your intuition and things begin to work out properly.

Is good to keep in mind that, whenever we count on intuition, there is always going to be a feeling of uncertainty and risk.

Doubts and fears along the way

There will be moments when you will not know whether to follow you intuition or not. One of the good signs is that when you follow your intuitive energy, you feel that you are following the flow of your life.

Things are going on nice and slow. Opportunities appear and you have the feeling that you are in the right place. In the right moment, doing what you have to do.

Sometimes we find ourselves on a difficult road and we are not sure anymore if it is the right road or the wrong road.

In fact, intuition leads us on a very different path than what we expect. Then we think that we have made a mistake, as things did not go on as we planned them.

But our intuition will leads us towards the place we need to go to, through the best methods.

Sometimes, these methods demand detouring, shortcuts, holes, giving up to some things that we are attached to. And for the moment we will feel our life is falling apart. If we are forced to give up to something, then there must definitely be an explication for this. It is because we do not need that thing in our lives anymore or because it’s time that thing changed its shape.

Here is an example of exercise.

Meditation for awakening intuition

Find a quiet place, where you cannot be disturbed for a couple of minutes. Sit down and lay in a comfortable position, having your back straight and very well supported. Close your eyes.

Breathe profoundly and exhale slowly. Relax your body. Inhale once again in a profound manner. As soon as you exhale, relax your body more and more. If you feel stressed or tensed in one part of the body, take a deep breath and let that part of the body relax.

Inhale deeply once again and, as soon as you exhale, relax your mind. Let your thoughts fly. Chase away any new thought that invades your mind. Do not cling it on. Let it fly away and just focus on breathing. Dip in your own being, till you reach the most hidden and peaceful point. Then relax in this quiet place from your being.

In this quiet place you naturally have access to your intuitive guide. Think of it as a voice of wisdom, that dwells in a hidden place of your being.

It is the voice that knows, every moment, what you need. In that hidden place, ask yourselves: “Which is the most important thing that I should remember this moment or the thing I should be aware of?”

Relaxation helps intuition

After asking yourself this, allow yourself a moment of relaxation. In quietness and be open to anything you feel or think. See if there’s any thought, feeling or image that comes as a response to this question.

No matter what the answer you receive is, keep that thought, feeling or image for just a couple of minutes. You do not need to understand them. It is enough just to receive them open-hearted.

You will probably have the sensation that you are fudging something. It’s ok it would be interesting if you would write down what you chose to fudge in that moment.

No matter what happens, do not resist it. Let the things happen in their natural way. You will probably have the feeling that nothing happens. It is absolutely ok. Do not try to force things.

When you feel this process is over, pay attention again to your breathing. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Practice, practice, practice

It is an excellent exercise that can be performed in the morning or at nights, each day. It doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes. After we get used to it, and it can have outstanding results for each of us.

In time, we can ask other type of questions, such as: “what direction should I head now?”, ”show me the next step”, “should I accept the job that has been offered to me?”

Be aware of the thoughts and feelings that you receive. Follow your impulses and see how things work.

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