Intuitive multidimensional healing

Intuitive healing is a process that, in order to be fully effective, needs to take place on all levels, in a multidimensional way: starting with healing the inner child, healing wounds on a mental and emotional level, healing traumas and trans-generational programs that affects us unconsciously, transmuting all the conditioning on the collective level, healing traumas at the karmic level, past lives, soul and DNA and also reconnecting with our soul group.

Because advanced souls are souls who have had many reincarnations and therefore many soul-level programs, healing for advanced souls needs to take place on a multidimensional level, on all the layers mentioned above.

And we are also wired to the collective consciousness more than young souls, because we have come here to transform many programs that have had an impact on humanity for centuries, we need to address these collective programs as well.

As advanced souls, we cannot be content with less than that in our healing process. All these levels are connected to each other and whatever we heal on a certain level gives us access to the next level and so on.

Any form of healing that addresses only some of these levels can help and propel us to the next level of healing, but at the same time, for a deep healing of advanced souls, we need to include the healing of all these aspects.

About intuitive multidimensional healing

For an authentic healing of advanced souls, we need to work on two levels: bringing the darkness to the surface and then allow the Light to infuse our structures and to receive it from the purest level of connection with our Soul.

If we bring Light without exposing our wounds and darkness, this is called spiritual bypass. If we focus only on wounds, we can recirculate them for years and we can stay in the same stories and in the same stage of evolution for a very long time.

Advanced souls have a very high capacity for healing and personal evolution. If they work in both directions, healing wounds and darkness and at the same time learning to access light, they can open up to evolutionary processes that are very important to their souls.

We need to work in the basic structures of the personality, but also on a spiritual level, with high energies. The first way of working without the second is limited, and the second without the first can lead us to unsustainable spiritual areas that cannot be sustained and that also can be inauthentic.

Therefore, perhaps many of you, although you have taken many courses, personal and spiritual development workshops, therapy or healing sessions, feel that something is not complete in this process.

Maybe because the methods you have tried so far have only addressed some levels of your being. And because many of us, as advanced souls, are multidimensional beings who need a multidimensional approach to healing.

This is the intention and energy of the intuitive training “Becoming the Healer You Are”.

We will address the challenges we talked about at a multidimensional level and we will access healing energies to balance these issues. We will learn methods and receive tools to practice multidimensional intuitive healing. I look forward to meet those of you who resonate with this way of healing!

Detalis about “Becoming the Healer you are”.

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