Karmic patterns healing sessions


  • Your life enters periodically into the same loops that you cannot rationally explain
  • You feel disconnected from your power and you feel you cannot make a higher choice than the situation you are experiencing
  • Everything seems confusing and meaningless
  • You have the permanent feeling that you are in a fog from which you see no way out
  • You feel constantly that you should be somewhere else, do something else and that your life has deviated from it’s natural course

… then this kind of healing session for transforming the karmic patterns in the energy body it’s for you.

Regardless of whether the source is trans-generational or karmic, the energetic patterns are representing information stored in the energy body that program our reality at the DNA level. They can be the source of many blockages we have in this life that can deviate us from the highest line of destiny.

Situations that cannot be rationally explained, fears that have no justification, vicious circles in which we go for years usually have their cause in deep memories and programming at the cellular level that come either from trans-generational sources, either from past lives or from larger patterns at the level of the soul.

What we will do together in a healing sessions of the karmic patterns:

  • we identify limiting contracts at the soul level
  • we go to the source of the patterns that block the evolution of the soul in this life
  • we identify and transmute trans-generational or past lives traumas
  • we integrate the lesson at the soul level that is attached to the patterns
  • we rewrite with Light the information at the soul level
  • we activate the unique blueprint of the soul
  • we use the Akashic Records and the Heart Language to rewrite the information in the energy structures

You will receive the audio recording of the session.

Duration: one hour
Price: 200 Euros
For payment, you can use Paypal (click here):

For scheduling an online appointment, please use the calendar bellow. You will receive a firm confirmation from me regarding the date and the hour you picked.

Honouring your deep longing for Soul Union,
Mihaela Marinas
For any other details, you can write me at: mihaela@soul-union.com


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