Lessons of the soul from the Akashic Records

Akashic records are for me a resource very close to my soul. It has become part of the way I work with people and part of who I am. Always here, always available, in every breath I take.

The moment I opened up to them, after many years of searching and after a few spiritual initiations I went through, I felt like I was starting to put together puzzle pieces that had been waiting to find their place for a long time, maybe of lifetimes.

I began to have access to all kinds of information about my soul, about the souls of loved ones, about timelines, about past lives, about soul-level contracts, about the higher purpose of everything that happens in our relationships and in life. Our. About the reasons why a certain thing happens or not in one way or another. Then I began to feel the Akashic Records as a deeply intuitive level of access to the higher perspective in everything we do, manifest, and in everything we are are as souls on Earth.

A miraculous Universe opened in front of my eyes. In time, I began to see, feel and let go of the suffering and patterns that held souls imprisoned for centuries. I gained more and more compassion for the greatness of the soul, understanding how a moment of lack of awareness in the history of the soul can influence hundreds of lives for thousands of years.

I began to see the fabric of patterns in the energy of the soul, the way they are transmitted from one life to another and manifest in the present, I began to perceive the deceptive energies that influenced our life after life free will as souls. We saw how strong and loved we are and everything I once believed about karma, soul, darkness and light started to reveal itself on a completely different level.

Here are some lessons I learned while working with the Akashic Records: 

  •           No one ever punishes usAny experience lived as souls in this dimension is equally valid at the level of the soul and is a way to experience ourselves as part of creation.

  • Karma does not exist in the sense we gave it. We don’t have to pay for anything. Nobody considers us guilty of anything. There are only experiences that sometimes, as souls, we decide to compensate by choosing the other end of the polarity.
    Thus, we had lives in which we were criminals and lives in which we were monks, lives in which we were rich, lives in which we experienced extreme poverty, lives in which we served the darkness and lives in which we chose to transmute the darkness and reach in light.

  •           There are many energies that can influence the soul’s choices, but we always have free will, even when it does not seem soIf we are going through a time when we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, then we can ask ourselves, “Why did I choose such a thing? Why did I choose to suffer so much? How can people choose such a thing?” What we did not know at the moment is that, most of the time, in such moments, we experience the consequences of our choices that we do not remember at a conscious level. Once, somewhere, in a different timeline or in a different time or in a different dimension, we made a choice, a contract or an oath that disconnected us from the Source. Before coming into this life, we chose in broad terms how to come, what contracts we have to conclude, what experiences we have to live, what energies to balance in order to reach harmony with our soul again. Viewed broadly, the plan seems okay at a higher level. But once on Earth, everything gets complicated. We forget what choices we made as souls before we came. Then we can’t understand why we have to go through a difficult marriage, why some relationships in our lives are really difficult or what is the reason why we have to balance a karmic energy with a person we can’t stand. And we begin to struggle believing, that we are victims of fate, which is far from being true.

  •           Darkness and light work together to bring us on the path of the soul, to the awakening and realization of our soul. Yes, the darkness is real and can be really overwhelming. But we do not need to be under it’s effect, just as we should not underestimate it.

    From what I have experienced so far, I have seen and felt with all my being that we are not thrown into the darkness without a lifeline and that the greater the darkness we sometimes struggle with, the greater the support in the light. .

  •           Nothing is tragic in the greater perspective of the soul. We have died and returned thousands of times, in different bodies, to this planet. Nothing we live on this planet can destroy our essence. There is no tragedy, all that matters is that the soul is aligned, in harmony with the Divine Self, in whatever plane or dimension it may be.

  •           My highest good is always the highest good of others. There is no conflict between the two. At a high level, there is only alignment between what is for the higher good of all those involved in a situation, event, connection. That is why it is useless to feel guilty for hurting others when we make decisions for our higher good. Always, what is for our higher good is also for the higher good of those around us, even if at the level of ego and personality certain decisions are painful, difficult to accept and difficult to digest.

  •           We are tremendously loved at the higher level. The high planes are filled with unconditional, complete, total, unlimited love. We can never do anything to lose that Love. Of course, we can choose to disconnect from it, through choices lower than Love and Truth. What many of us have done, life after life. We have been fooled, manipulated by false energies, by false concepts, by false gods, and we have taken on countless  programs of disconnection from the Source. Life after life we gave away our strength and brilliance and gave up the most precious truth of our soul, the connection with the Source.

    Then, under the impact of realizing that we had made, through our own free will, the choice to move away from the Truth, we connected to emotional basements of guilt, shame, despair, helplessness when we realized and felt in all structures of our being the devastation of separation from the Source. For many souls, this lifetime is a journey of remembering and getting out of the illusion of separation.

  •           No hair moves without divine consent and this is not in conflict with our free will, but is co-created by him and with him, in the higher planes. Our human part sometimes seems to be taken by surprise by certain events, but at a higher level everything is co-created by our higher self and free will.

  •           The Akashic records give us the space to get out of the illusion, to go to the root of the patterns that disconnected us from the Source, to cleanse everything that covered the essence of our soul and to shine again in the light of the Truth.

All this high perspective is available to us in the training that I felt to offer starting September 2020, in this period of profound healing on a global level.

I look forward to meet you, if you feel to bathe your soul in the energy of the Akashic Records:

Healing in the Akashic Records: online training.

With joy,
Mihaela Marinas

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