Living in alignment with the Higher Self in the pandemic situation

I come back with this article about the experience I had in October, when I had Covid. I want to tell you about my experience in interacting with this virus. I will only describe direct experience and personal opinions, without claiming to have the ultimate truth.

We are going through such a big a process of collective transformation that I do not know if anyone has all the necessary tools to claim they have the ultimate truth about what is happening and what is going to happen in the coming years.

What matters is how aligned we remain to our Self, no matter what we have to go through in this dimension. What is sometimes difficult in this dimension is how to keep this alignment in the midst of collective chaos, despair and panic, without denying what is happening, while at the same time not losing ourselves in the collective energies. That is the challenge for each of us during this time.

I started to have symptoms of Covid just when the collective madness started again, in the first week of October. What was the hardest part was differentiating between my own fears and anxieties and the collective energies to which I am connected by the nature of my mission be of service to others.

In the first days of symptoms, I started to connect with my body and talk to it, to tell my body that I trust it that it will move gracefully through the experience, to scan it and to see all the places in my body where I am not aligned with my Self.
Where I function from patterns, automatisms, traumatic memories – the places in my body where the higher Self cannot yet have access. I have seen all the body patterns I have developed throughout my life, many of them since childhood: the pattern of headaches in adolescence, the pattern of unspoken things in childhood that caused me many laryngitis and coughing since I was little, the pattern of shallow breathing in which I do not breathe deeply and thus a pattern of lack is cemented in the body – there is not enough love, not enough abundance, not enough air.

I saw the part of me that didn’t want to be in the body and then it created a pattern of artificial respiration knowing that deep breathing brings us instantly into the body. I have seen how much disconnection from Truth we maintain collectively by creating respiratory failure through this virus – it is, in fact, the collective pattern resulting from separation from the Source when we began to believe the illusion that there is not “enough” of anything that would support us to live in joy and abundance.

Then there was silence. “I surrender to the divine will. I entrust myself to the wisdom of my body. I surrender to life and death. ” There was complete silence in me, in my head, in my body. I haven’t felt such peace for a very long time and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt it, in my body, at that magnitude.

Then I connected with the virus. I felt it came to completely serve my higher path at this point in my life. I felt that I was going through this experience at exactly the right time- when I was going through a great end of the cycle in my life. I received the test results on the day the apartment where I was born and raised came out of my family’s property – on the same day that, a few years ago, I signed the divorce papers. I knew then that this virus is perfectly synchronized with the Divine Will and that, at a higher level, it came at exactly the right time to help me purify what I have to purify to complete a great cycle and then go to the next level, according to the higher Self and my mission. And that my mission will be even more from now to support other souls to entrust themselves to the divine will.

At that moment, I felt perfectly supported and calm, I knew that I had the necessary support to go through this whole process gently. At the same time, going through the disease process day after day, the human part of me felt moments of helplessness and hopelessness several times, especially after many days in a row without improving symptoms. I brought in a lot of Love to this part of me, connecting at the same time collectively with many others who were going through the same experience and needed the same Love.

Then I connected on a higher level and saw that in the years to come, on this planet we will live only in alignment with the Higher Self and the Divine Will. Souls who cannot make this alignment here, for various reasons that sometimes only those souls know or sometimes because the disconnection patterns from the Self are too deep to be recovered in this dimension, will go to other dimensions where they can get other opportunities, depending on what everyone needs. For every soul, what is in divine alignment will happen. To live misaligned with the Self in the next period, without having any landmark in a major period of chaos and confusion will be hell on earth for many souls. So for many it is for the higher good to go to dimensions where they can receive support to reconnect to their soul and to the Source.

Is this whole process difficult in this dimension? Yes, for the part of us that struggles with the Divine Will. Yes, for the human part of us that is forced to leave behind what it knew to be safe. For the part of each of us that wants things to work under our own conditions. For the part that clings, for the part that is afraid of death and transformation. For the part of us that is like that spoiled child crying in the middle of the supermarket that he wants chocolate when it’s time to buy bread.

Yes, for this part of us it is terribly difficult to align with all the changes that will come, with the huge unknown that we have in front of us and with the chaos that is happening in this dimension. On the larger plane, however, when we entrust ourselves to the divine will, we can see how things are aligned even when we do not like them, that things are orchestrated to the millimeter and that we are incredibly supported for the highest good at all times. But the highest good can mean different things: to go through illness, to go to the other dimension, to learn difficult lessons. Thus, I felt that the existence of this virus on the Planet is in alignment with the divine will – no matter what its origin is and what theories everyone has about it – to make this process of purification. And we also felt the need to treat this virus beyond fear and outrage, with respect, because it helps us do a huge job of transformation that humanity may not have been able to do otherwise, at this level.

Regarding what I did in the concrete plan during the illness, I will share with you a few things: first of all, I left Facebook for two weeks. I can’t tell you what peace has been made in my head, body, home and life. I took about half of the pharmacy 🙂 of immunity products – I had a treatment plan from the homeopathic doctor. I took: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercitin, Immunoresistance, Colloidal Silver, propolio, echinacea and homeopathic granules: Arsenicum Album, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Acidum Phosphoricum. Very importantly, in the second week I took an azithromycin-based antibiotic on the recommendation of my doctor, friends and relatives who had been through the disease before me and knew what to do.

Through all the treatments I have taken, I have felt that it is very important to step into a new paradigm in which to bring both perspectives together: alternative and classical treatments, complementary medicine and classical medicine need to work together for the highest good of people. Let’s cure the tendency to fall into one extreme or another – I only treat myself in an alternative way, I don’t want to hear about doctors or the other extreme: I run to the doctor for the simplest symptoms and I don’t trust so many other alternative methods that I can support the body to heal.

The most important thing I saw during this period: everything is aligned, in the larger plane. Here, in the concrete plan, yes, it sometimes seems to us that we live in a horror film, in a bad comedy, in a science fiction with dystopian accents. We go through pain, revolt, anger and everyone reacts according to the old patterns – sometimes many lifetimes old – and the usual way of perceiving reality, which becomes even more obvious in crisis situations. Now it comes to light to heal the parts of us that are misaligned: the frightened inner child, the ruthless inner critic with us and others, the ruthless judge, the part of us that victimises and blames others, the part that feels entitled to hold the supreme truth, the part that believes itself entitled to judge the choices of others, the part that can hardly wait for the slightest reason to be outraged and angry, the part of us that fears death, loss, change and transformation, the part that does not want to discover the higher good in any situation, the angry part on God, on people, on life on Earth and so on.

All of them are part of us that we need to look at with love and compassion, but they are not Truth. None of these movies we see before our eyes represent the Truth.

There, in the peace of our hearts, when we connect with the highest part of us, there we will know the Truth. It is not about entering a particular camp, it is not about fighting for something, it is not about believing that we have the truth in our choices and judging those who make other choices.

It’s about knowing what the highest choice is for my soul right now.

About putting it into practice in this dimension and honouring it, with humbleness and commitment.
It’s about deeply respecting the choices of others, no matter what they are. It’s about continuing to be in the world who we really are, no matter what the circumstances.
It is about accepting that there is no certainty on Earth and that in this dimension we need to be open-hearted in the face of many uncertainties and paradoxes and that we can only do this by aligning ourselves with the Higher Self.

It is about digging and discovering deep inside us and in the heart of humanity the part that knows how to do this – to find a power beyond this world, in the greatest chaos and the most painful circumstances.


It is about discovering the part that has always defined humanity, in the most terrible situations: the resilience of the human spirit that is huge. It is that energy that knows how to be reborn again and again, by the power of the Spirit, regardless of whether it must go through disease, death, chaos, the destruction of the existing reality.

And about seeing the higher perspective – the rebirth, restructuring, re-starting, regeneration that have always followed, collectively, after these periods of destruction and major chaos. Exactly as it will happen and now – gradually, slowly, we will move towards a new vibrational reality of this Planet.

With love, Mihaela Marinas


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