Lost in the right direction…

It sounds like a joke, but it comes from a place of truth about how we might be feeling during this extremely intense period. The whole world is turned upside down and the month of June has brought an extremely intensely period from an energetic point of view.

June was a portal, a great transition between the old and the new. The old can no longer be sustained, the new is not entirely here yet, so we may feel disoriented and even lost, although somehow we know we are on the way. Lost in the right direction…

So let’s imagine we are climbing a mountain, knowing already the route and the destination, but at the moment we are lost. What is to be done? Do we choose to sit down, to rest a little? Are we waiting for a sign? Are we looking for the right way on our own?

What is the direction now?
It begins to be seen, but it seems we still cannot act. We need to let go of all the ways we are clinging to the old. Old ways of setting up and representing ourselves the reality.

Some things need to be completely changed and others just need to be upgraded. The essential things need to remain and be developed, maybe in another direction. What is essential develops in the direction we are going.

And as lost as we are, although on the path that will eventually take us to our destination, we can ask ourselves a few questions to start finding the right direction:

How many of the plans and dreams from before this period are still valid now?
How many of the shortcomings from before this period are still valid now?
What have we given up and what has become more important than ever?
What remains important regardless of the circumstances?

Sometimes we need not to know the direction for a while. To learn a different kind of safety. To embody that type of security that comes from aligning with a larger plan, along with feeling safe even if we have no idea where we are going. Let us breathe in the certainty of our being, beyond any other certainty. We have no other guarantee anyway.


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