Motivational thoughts: The Question Mark

Here are some “fake” motivational thoughts:

I want…

Others to behave appropriately so I can be happy.

Mother and father to do more for me.

No one to tell me anything that might hurt me.

Everybody to take me into account in their decisions.

My partner to love me more.

How much time will we continue to invest in our unhappiness, as a direct consequence of the fact that we invest in mental patterns like the ones above?

What if for some moments we give power to motivational thoughts as:

You can be happy no matter how others behave.

Mother and father already do everything they can for me.

People say many things; it’s my problem if their words hurt me.

Each person should take themselves into account firstly when they make a decision.

My partner already loves me as much as they can.

Or if for a second, we would replace, in those motivational thoughts, the third person with the first person and say:

I want to:

Behave appropriately so I can be happy.

DO more for myself.

Not say something that might hurt me.

Take myself into account in my decisions.

Love myself more.

How would our lives look if we invested energy and power in these latter motivational thoughts?

And what if when a thought like the ones from the first set of “I want” kind of imperatives comes to mind, we question its validity?

Do I really want somebody else to make my life beautiful? Do I really want this? Is it really possible for somebody else to do this for me?

Or is it the moment in which I start to feel at a profound level the importance of the first person in the grammar of my soul? And to search in my inner dictionary the value of me-myself-I?

Maybe it is the moment for me to start making my life more beautiful by accepting what is, here and now, without fighting reality?

Maybe this way we’d have the chance to take our happiness back. To snatch it from the entanglement of our mind, our convictions, our pride. And to bring it back again in our hearts, where it belongs.

Sometimes we do not need anything more than a question mark…

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