New Moon in Scorpio, November 18th: YES to profound transformation!

The New Moon in Scorpio brings to the fore all this process of inner transformation we are going through right now. It is a very profound transformation that does not happen on the surface. It’s happening in the deep, on Scorpio’s favourite land.

Parts of us we did not even know they exist are coming to the surface now. To be integrated, accepted and loved.

Feelings and emotions that we believed they are healed for a long time, family patterns related to the way we relate to others, aspects of us that we thought we had overcome are coming to the surface in this New Moon in Scorpio more fiercely, to be healed at a deeper level.

Irrational, unconscious fears, many of them wired to collective consciousness, others coming from the depth of our unconscious, from the layers of conditioning come out and look in our eyes. To enable us to go up after integrating them and giving them the right place.

It is important to observe every thought that goes through our head during this period. There are signs of parts of us who want to be claimed and receive our attention.

There are signs of collective thoughts and feelings in which we are caught at a subtle level during this period more than ever.

We need to be anchored in the energy of gentleness and inclusion of all these aspects.

The New Moon in Scorpio: a territory of profound transformation

It looks like a blurred territory, in which there are remains of the past mixed with fragments of the future and pieces of unhealed parts of us with pieces of new energies that we are about to access.

We need to give ourselves the space to say a clearer “Yes” to this profound transformation. Because we already know: when we resist, the whole process becomes more difficult than necessary.

And of course, it is an opportunity to ask some inconvenient questions for clarity:

What parts of me I suppress, repress, claim that they do not exist?
Where do I give up being whole in order to receive appreciation or demonstrate that I am in a certain way?
Where do I say No to myself?
Which parts of me I resist to look at?
In what places am I afraid to go and look at myself with clarity?
What is the greatest fear when I look at the dark parts of me?

Yes, we are urged to go into the deepest shadows to bring them to the surface and to bring the light through them.

To move forward, in the light of who we really are, and at the same time without excluding anything that belongs to us. This is the process we are urged to go through now.

A process not always easy, but profoundly transforming and giving us the possibility of rebirth at another level.


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