Personal growth and the Law of Minimal Effort

We all learned from personal development and personal growth books from the last years that when we want something, we need to establish a goal and to make an effort to reach its accomplishment.

Dreams need our attention and energy in order to come true and this is something valid.

At the same time there is another truth: the law of minimal effort that proved its validity in many situations from my life.

But today I want to talk to you about this perspective that comes from a point of silence, balance and peace with ourselves. About an inner law of life that lately I’ve discovered and rediscovered every day: the law of minimal effort and its importance in our personal growth.

How can our personal growth be impacted

This law of minimal effort tells us that when the moment comes for something to happen, that something happens naturally only with our minimal effort of supporting the energy that had built up until then and that starts to manifest in our lives.

Of course, our minds will react immediately: “And what about our philosophy about life in which we invested so much energy? How about moving mountains when we want something very much? How about concentrating our efforts in a certain direction so that one day the efforts find their well deserved reward?”

What about our strategy of setting goals? What about our rush for success and laws of success?

Personal growth, between the male energy and the female energy

I think this “masculine energy” way of relating to life brought us to the edge of a generalised chronic tiredness that I notice today.

Because when we force ourselves in doing something we find ourselves against flow and against life.

It is the most tiring thing we can do: to continue going against current only because we need to accomplish another goal on our list.

How would the law of minimal effect be actually translated?

The huge energy that we mobilise to do a thing we want but whose time is not here yet can be useful for us in doing tens of things that were on a waiting list and whose moment for entering our lives has already come.

It’s just that the ambition and stubbornness which we were taught to chase our goals with.

The masculine way of “This is the only way to evolve in life” stops us from seeing and feeling what our true goals should be in this moment.

So we’d rather go on the path on which we have to do acrobatic efforts in order to make things happen. Instead of allowing the law of minimal effort to act and to let happen what is ready to occur in our lives.

Of course, we will succeed in reaching our goal. But probably we will be so tired that we won’t even have the power to enjoy the results we got.

The paradox is that acting the way the law of minimal effort tells us is our natural state. The feminine energy of creating life. But, with time and society conditioning, we start to resist to our natural way of functioning.

Out of the state of tension and fight with ourselves, we give birth to even more tensed energy destined to support the goals we established with our minds.

This continuous race towards achievement is splitting the essence of what we really are. Deep within, it becomes harder and harder to stop.

What is to be done in order to apply the law of minimal effort in our personal growth

I think the first step is easy and difficult in the same time. Stop what you’re doing and analyse the rush you are in in this moment of your life.

And then, instead of “force yourself to reach your goals”, I would say:

“Wait, feel, listen. See what happens with you. See where your energy goes right now. And let things happen in that direction without effort. Without wishes. Only with the availability of supporting what is already there with your energy.”

If you don’t see the direction yet, stop and do nothing. Sometimes in doing nothing lies the greatest power.

Because often, out of nothing, the path that needs to be followed emerges, when the right time has come for it.

And then, we will find ourselves in the state of flowing towards the dominant energy in us in the current moment.

Without resistance, without frustration, without the sensation that “I should’ve done something else right now”, that “the direction I follow is not the good one.”

The state of flow is reflected in the law of minimal effort. It is a state that gives you the feeling that your steps are blessed by something greater than you.

If at least once in your lifetime you felt this state, then certainly you will understand and feel what the law of minimal effort means.

Do you think we can find a place for it in our so busy and rapid life?

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