Positive thinking: How can we heal negative thought forms?

When talking about positive thinking, we should ask yourself the following questions.

How many times haven’t we been faced with negative thought forms? And then with anxiety, fear, stress or simply with bad moods? Or with negative feelings either we have a credible reason or not?

We would be surprised to see that we often confront ourselves with this kind of moments, moments when we are no longer “in high spirits”.

First of all, every single thing that we pay attention to, increases and becomes our reality. If we focus on our bad moods, we will end up by feeling like this all the time.

What can we exactly do in order to make those bad moods disappear? What can we do to develop new abilities that lead us to a high emotional intelligence?

Tips for positive thinking:

  • The first step is to accept our negative feelings. We should take them as a part of our lives. Also, we should try to understand what is going on with us because every unsolved problem can lead to somatic problems. We have to be aware of the fact that we are human beings dominated by positive and negative moments.  Also, by the capacity of learning important lessons as a result of the negative experiences that we’re faced with.
  • To keep a positive attitude. Sometimes, the unpredictable situations we are facing with are out-of-control, but we can control our attitude regarding that problem.

In books that refer to our personal development and emotional intelligence is often met the idea that our life is based on 10 % of what really happens to us and 90% of our attitude towards what happens to us.

Thoughts are energy

  • Every time, we have to be aware of the fact that our thought forms are  energy. The negative thought forms increase the negative moods and our negative energy magnetises also the negative situations. But positive thinking change situations. When we change the way we see things, the things themselves change.
  • Let’s practice an unlimited way of thinking and a lifestyle based on motivation and positive thinking. Sometimes, our bad moods deal with the fact that we are not capable of seeing beyond our present situation. We don’t understand why a certain thing happens to us, why sometimes we can’t go on, why nothing good happiness. These are the symptoms of a limited way of thinking, whose inevitable result lays in our bad moods. You may start by imagining what you want, dream and bring in the present the life you want to live. Just create the feeling that you already have what you want and the displeasure and the anger will disappear.
  • Our moods are sometimes caused by our thoughts. We can make an experiment during a day: to pay attention to our moods and to our thoughts that they are based on. We will always notice a connection between them that cannot be destroyed, but it can be used in our advantage: we have to keep our psychical health in order to maintain a permanently good mood.

This thing won’t happen tomorrow. The specialists say that we have 45.000 thoughts per day. We will need a lot of patience in order to make them become permanently positive.

It is important that we know our path and that the emotional intelligence is the key to a happier life as far as all our conditions as human beings are concerned.

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