Realigning soul connections with current collective energies

We are going through one of the biggest shift of consciousness that happened on the Planet.

Along with the chaos and the destruction, we are starting to feel opportunities of consciousness that were not available until now on Earth. And one of the areas that will be impacted in the next decade is soul connections. Those profound connection that are meant to bring on Earth a new paradigm of union and communion between divine masculine and feminine.

Connections that until now existed more in the astral plane and upper dimensions than in those denser dimensions of the 3D world.

Connections that didn’t have much support into the reality of the 3D world until now. Because over and over again, the high energy these connections are meant to bring here on Earth was hitting the walls of the 3D reality we were conditioned to give power to, for centuries.

Is it possible that all this planetary transformation we are going through now will bring more ease and will help build the necessary structures that could sustain more the energy of divine unions on Earth.

“On Earth, as it is in Heaven” could become more and more the reality of this Earth, if we are willing to make the necessary choices for this to happen.

We are going through times were humanity is forced to come back to the essence. The essence of who we are, deep down, in our souls. And all this time of introspection can prepare the inner space in which we can finally face the truth: Love is the only Truth.

All the energies we were feeding that were working against love here on Earth, can be dissolved now if we choose so. We are coming in touch with the truth and in the light of that truth, the illusion dissolves.

it will be harder and harder to hide from ourselves the places where we were fighting love and whatever was connecting us with love. It will be harder and harder to play the game against love. It will be harder and harder not to see the truth that love is the ultimate truth. The only truth that stands in times of crisis, chaos, destruction and rebuilding.

Of course, there is free will and there is always choice. After we see ourselves out of this crisis, there will be a choice: we continue the same way of being disconnected from truth or we step even more into the truth, no matter the price we have to pay.

And given the global chaos we are going through, is possible that the price we need to pay so that we can stand in our truth doesn’t seem so dramatic as it appeared to be before. Because reality is already chaotic and this collective chaos can hold space for our inner realities to rearrange, without too much significance attached to our personal situations, like before.

If we had to change our job but we were afraid to resign because we were afraid we won’t have another opportunities, well, now thousand of people are loosing their jobs and there is nothing to do about this. It could be an opportunity to follow their real mission and purpose of the soul.

If we were frustrated with the life we were having but terrified what our family will say if we chose to let go of everything and do something completely different, well now millions of people are forced to let go of everything they knew as an acceptable reality. And this could be a tremendous opportunity.

So, things that we didn’t have the courage to do, changes we didn’t want to do before on the individual level from fear of what might happen don’t look so tragic now in the light of the planetary chaos. So it’s true all this time brings up a lot of fear, at the same time it might as well help us heal our biggest fears that were stoping us making the changes we wanted to make for years, deep inside.

So we can use this crises to come more in truth. Because we can have access to the bigger perspective:

if we die tomorrow, what is the most important things we have to do today?
If we don’t know how long we have to live or what is going to happen, what is the truth of our soul that is unshakable and undeniable? Do you love someone so much that you cannot conceive the Earth without that person on it? Tell this to that person.
Do you want so much to write that book? Start.
Do you feel to offer your gifts to other? Put yourself out there. Now is the time.

Because this is the time for a major paradigm shift. The paradigms that deep soul connections are here to bring are becoming more tangible, more here, more alive, more present. Until now we kind of knew that the new paradigm was going to come one day but we had been keep living the same way. Now it’s clear: the new paradigm is here, hitting us in our faces with a Truth we cannot deny anymore.

Real soul connections and real Love can literally start to thrive in the next decade on Earth. We finally have the occasion to dissipate everything the collective was putting in the way of building the new paradigm. We have the opportunity, on the collective level, to deconstruct all the distortions and infected templates that were feeding the disconnected life we were living every day.

The choice is ours. What are we going to choose this time?

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