Sacred relationships and divine partnership

We’re living an era of a real shift from the old paradigm of karmic relationships into the sacred relationship template.

It is my deepest wish to assist others into embodying in this dimension these deep soul connections, embedded into the truth of who we really are and into creating heaven on Earth. I’ve been talking about the new template of sacred relationships for years because it is part of my mission to embody this energy on Earth.

Sacred relationships

Sacred relationships are one of the fastest way of transformation for human souls on Earth. They are spaces of deep healing, purging and reconnecting with our highest potential.

They have their own life and cannot be controlled through our minds or ego, like we used to do in the old paradigm of relationship. Because here, in this new paradigm, the relationship is not formed only by the two souls who are involved in the relationship. There is a sacred triad formed by the two souls and the Divine.

The Divine is the most important aspect of the relationship, the one that knows the sacred purpose of the relationship and is guiding the two according to it.

Here is a short video in which I share my perspective on sacred relationships, divine partnership, conscious relationships, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

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