Sometimes, it takes us a long time to really see the people around us …

Sometimes, it takes us a life to really see the closest people. Sometimes we do not see them at all. We  stay stuck in the wounds and illusions built around them, from the perspective of the earthly path of the relationship. Without seeing how our souls are accompanying each other at a bigger level.

It took me over thirty years to see my parents, as they really are, in the soul, beyond the fact that, accidentally or not, they are my parents are in this life. The same happened with my sisters. It took me over 15 years to really see my best friend. I started to see my ex-husband when our souls were already preparing to say goodbye to each other.

So yes, sometimes it takes us a long time to see the others in the heart. And so it takes us to see ourselves.

Getting out of illusion

We need years of healing to give us the chance to get out of the illusion. We need years of wandering, until we get to really see and really let ourselves  be seen.

But when the veil begins to fall from our eyes and we begin to see how we served each other in the journey of the soul, even if at the conscious level we did not know it…

…All we can do is kneel down  with gratitude in front of our own soul, who has chosen as travel partners exactly the souls we needed to complete the learning on Earth.

And sometimes we choose not to see others for real, because it serves us better not to know from the beginning and to learn to discover, going through pain, disappointment, disconnection and reconnection, who we are and who are the others around us.

Because that’s the purpose of the journey: to find out more and more who we really are. The more we become a faithful mirror, the more we start to see the others.

Freedom of the soul in relation to the people around

And when we see the souls of others, we are free in relationship with them. Suddenly, you know what to do next, in the earthly path of the relationship. You are free. If your souls continue to accompany each other in joy, growth and beauty, you can choose to go further. If not, maybe that relationship needs to end in the physical dimension. And the paradox is that sometimes a relationship needs to end in the physical dimension, so we can really see the other person in the soul. How strange is life sometimes!

But if a relationship ends here in this dimension, it does not mean that the relationship ends in the soul also. Nothing ever evaporates or gets destroyed in the energy of the soul.

Love is always there, continuing any relationship that has ever existed, beyond the understanding  of the mind and beyond human expectations. In that magical territory where we humans work hard to really see ourselves – in the soul.

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