Spirituality of life: Life means joy

The most important thing about spirituality of life is the amount of joy we can find in it.

If you have the capacity to be aware of the world around you, you will see this very moment a moment full of joy, blessing, hope and happiness.

Just look at the sky, see the clouds, the sun. Just feel the air that you breathe and the heart that constantly beats, without your indications.

In this magic Present, be grateful for what your life gave you!

Be grateful especially for the simple and ordinary things.This is the spirituality of life. Things that you think you normally deserve: your friends, your family, the unexpected opportunities and also the bed where you sleep.

Be full of gratitude that you are alive…Just take a deep breathe, feel alive and connected with the world around you!

You are blessed because you can move, feel, imagine, create, ask, learn, play, be happy…all these presents are there for you in every single moment!

You have the possibility to be happy, to take part at this extraordinary adventure called life. You can be who you want to be and you can do what you really want to do!

Use this moment to realise who you are and say to yourself: “I am an extraordinary person and I will permanently find methods in order to make my life better”. “From now on, I choose joy to be my lifestyle”.

This affirmation will help you to connect to good things in your life and to increase your self-esteem and happiness. If you have positive feelings in the present, it will be much easier for you to permanently discover different methods in order to feel good.

Continuum of joy: the spirituality of life

In fact, life is a continuum of joy, based on the present joy in your life.

Find today a reason to be happy, no matter how insignificant it might seem, and, by now, you can practice the real happiness. Good things bring good things! The law of attraction is a guarantee for this statement!

Let the present abundance lead you to a full of abundance future!

From the moment when you start to feel these things deep inside, your life will change in a series of opportunities, in an expression of joy and abundance.

Be aware of your present success and let this success inspire you!

If you think you have no success at all, just think about one thing you can do very good .Anything: maybe good food, maybe you like reading. And be happy when you do it. When you do this, you already are a successful person.

Feel the passion and the joy and, helped by these feelings, you will build an extraordinary life!

As far as your life is concerned, the joy, the gratitude and the passion will improve the quality of your life.

The joy you feel is a guarantee that your life is on the right path, that you are in full harmony with the real You. Do whatever you can to bring joy in your life everyday! This thing will change your life!

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