What is taking away the joy from you?

What thoughts, worries and conditioning believes are stealing away your joy from you? What is the thing you give power to, to a greater extent than to the extension and explosion of your heart?

The list of things to do, the desire to be productive, to prove that you are capable and deserve to relax?
The inability to stay in you, in your body, in the present moment?
What sneaks in your heart and takes you away from yourself?
What is kidnapping you from the heaven that truly belongs to you, just because you exist?
What penetrates into your soul and takes you out of the heart of your heart?
What brings you out of harmony?

Take a look and find the answer. Then stop. Do not put anything above your joy. Because there’s nothing more important than that.

In the short and long term, you should seek joy.

What brings you joy?

This is the ultimate question you should build your life around. Choose those things. Do those activities. Think those thoughts.

And if you are among those who have forgotten what joy means, stop again and look around.

Look at the sky, look at a tree, look at your child or cat or anything else you have around you now that can make you feel joyful.

Get out of the trap. Get out of your habit to consider that it’s easier when it’s hard.

And do not forget: joy is always at the distance of a breath. It’s in the air you’ve just inspired into your lungs

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