The illusion of safety

When is it that we have established that our safety lies in things, people and energies outside of us?

 What was the moment when we decided that something outside of us was needed for us to really feel safe?
As if our own breathing, our own body and our own connection with the Source betrayed us and since that moment we decided we are not safe.

Maybe we made this choice a few years ago or a few lifetimes ago. And no, there is nothing wrong with making this choice. But it is far too painful when we condition our being with the security that something outside of us is giving us.

And for those of us who are on the journey of reaching the essence through awareness, usually what happens is the following thing: exactly when we are hanging on to the safety place we found, exactly then we are shown that it is time to go to the next level and blow up all the security we thought was protecting us.

Because we can’t play safe anymore. And because safety is an illusion. It protects us from the greatness of who we are beyond it.

At the same time, it is the best teacher. It puts us in touch with the places where we want to control life, consciousness, the Universe, yourself. But, the moment comes when it gives you the biggest test and teaches you the biggest lesson at the same time:

You cannot control and live at the same time. You cannot control and be conscious at the same time.

The hanging on to safety shows us the places where we invest with the role of Source of our lives other people, things and energies from outside of us. Often, we sell our souls for the illusion of safety. We lose important chunks of vital energy, having the fake impression that we can gain security in return. And when we do this long enough, the soul begins to whisper. And then to yell.

That it is time to exchange safety for joy, no matter what we believe we are losing. Because joy is the real guidance system.

If we do not make choices every day that will take us out of the comfort of safety and flood us with joy, the comfort of safety comes and infiltrates again. When we begin to believe that we know how things are, when we begin to believe that we have passed through certain stages, when we feel that we now have courage because we have done and lived many things, it’s exactly then when the comfort of safety is putting us in trouble.

And is reminding us that we need to make this choice moment by moment. To live beyond this reality as most of us are defining it, to live in the middle of the mystery, into the unknown, in everything that is beyond safety. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if it puts us on a path that gives us no guarantee. Even if we have to deconstruct ourselves over and over again and put ourselves  back in a new, miraculous and healing way, every time. This is where the miracle begins.

Are we willing to live in the miracle? Are we willing to be that vulnerable?

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