The only reason for being tired is the disconnection from our Self…

We are not tired because we love. We are not tired because of our relationships. Because of people. We are not tired because of work. Because of too much life. Or because of living too intense. Not because of the changes or things we need to leave behind. We are tired because of the expectations and the turmoil in us. We are tired because of our obsessions. We’re tired because of our disconnection. We are tired because of our lack of flexibility. Of our judgments. Because of our lack of self-love. We get tired when we can no longer realize how starved and deprived of ourselves we really are.

We need to learn to hold ourselves so tightly in our arms that no trace of tiredness because of disconnection and separation can remain. Let us be there to such an extent for ourselves that everything melts into the self-care and self-compassion we are able to embody for the first time in our lives.

Let us stop, with love and compassion, to ask ourselves:

When was the last time we embraced ourselves with compassion?
When did we look in the mirror and say Thank You?
When did we stop, breathe, put our hands on our hearts, just to be grateful for every single beat?
When did we stop just to analyze what we did not have, what we did not achieve, what we lack?
When did we stop feeding the rumination, the lack of joy in the body, the lack of ourselves?

It’s time to do it. At the beginning of this new collective cycle we are entering, it is time to change the patterns of daily life. Because day after day, choice after choice, we are building our lives.

Now we can get out of the vicious circle of expectations and pressures we put on ourselves. Now we can embrace our heart, our breath, our whole existence. Let us be comforted and forgiven for how hard we were taught to be on us.

May a greater love than the greatest love ever known on Earth heal all our wounds, in the space of deep compassion for ourselves.

From here we can start a life beyond expectations. Expecting for who we really are. From here we can begin to receive ourselves, in the wholeness of who we really are. Here is the place of connection with Self, beyond any fatigue, drama, need or expectation.


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