The perpetual longing for Love..

Human nature is truly complex. And when it comes to love, it gets even more complicated. Those who love but cannot be with the one they love, are longing for it with all their being. Those who have a relationship with a loved one but still do not live together, want that with all their heart. Those who live together want to spend more time together. And even when they spend enough time, they secretly yearn for more closeness and intimacy.

When we refer to external circumstances, it seems that we never have the ideal conditions  feel a completely state of fulfillment. From this point of view, the way we feel seems to be conditioned from the outside: The moment I will be with a loved one, I will feel loved; The moment we spend more time together, I will feel fulfilled; I will feel fully happy when …

Human nature longs for something all the time and this longing is, in fact, a universal longing, on a much higher level. As we enter the month of winter holidays, it is important to talk about this longing that seems to make its presence even more felt during this time.

We live with a permanent longing for something that is missing. We came with this longing on Earth and we carry it with us every day. It is the wound of separation from the Source, the universal wound on our planet.

It is a permanent longing, which we can cure in relation to others. But in essence, it is a personal process that nobody can do in our place. With the help of the relationships in our lives, that longing is redefined, healed and sometimes even alleviated. When we feel nurtured in relation to someone that longing is eased for a while. We can merge with the one next to us and remember the energy of Home.

But sooner or later, we hit the same emptiness inside. The only solution is to rediscover the reconnection to the Divine. It is the only remedy for healing the separation wound and alleviating the longing for Home.

And when we want to replace the connection with the Divine through a human relationship, there is a part of us that tends to cling to the other so that we can appease, from an external source, the longing for God. Then we want to keep the other next to us at any cost, as if we are lacking something in ourselves. We act from fear that Love will end. For fear of losing the connection to something that cannot be lost. Because it is unlimited. 

Love has no end. Relationships end in this dimension. Sooner or later, no matter how much love unites two people, relationships end here on Earth. But love continues. And it transforms each relationship into what it has to become, in this dimension or the other. 

Co-dependency in relationships happens when we close our hearts in front of love, because we felt we didn’t get it from where we needed it. And sometimes that is how it was for many of us, in our childhood, did not find too much unconditional love around.

As adults, however, if you do not feel you are loved from where you want, that does not mean that you are not loved. And because we are stuck in many expectations, we often miss the love that is available in any moment. We can receive love in the most unexpected ways, through people from which we do not expect it, in ways we do not expect it. 

Open your heart and feel the Universe that continually gives Love because it is Love. It will hurt, because you will be reminded of all the times you didn’t get as much as you needed and you learned not to trust. But somehow, in some way, in a more painful or less painful way, Love beyond expectations will find its place in your heart. And now, in December, it’s time to allow it to happen.


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