The power of thought

Today I’m not going to tell you how to thing positively. In exchange, I will share with you some interesting ideas about the power of thought.

What thoughts really are?

  • While the light travels with 300.000 km per second. Thoughts arrive immediately the destination.
  • Thoughts live. Our body can stop living. Our thoughts cannot ever die – this is the tremendous power of a thought.
  • Every change of thought is accompanied by a new vibration in the mental material. The power-thought needs a certain material that let it action. That’s why: the powerful the thought is, the sooner the results will come.
  • Thought is a subtle force that we can obtain it through food, too. If the food is pure, the thought becomes more pure, too. A person who has pure thoughts, talks with a lot of authority. The same person produces a good impression in the listeners’ minds. In this way, he can influence thousands of people with a singular discourse.
  • Diseases can be healed through the power of thought. They can transform mentalities. Thoughts can do, in fact, everything. Even the great wonders were created by the wonderful power of thoughts.

    The power of thought

  • Every thought that starts from you, is a vibration that will never die. Every particle from the universe will pass through its vibration. If it is a gentle, full of force thought, it will activate in a similar way all the minds that resonate with it. This mechanism will permit to all those who will unconsciously borrow your thoughts, to offer similar thoughts according to their inner capacity.
  • Every mind’s impulse, every thought is transmitted to the cells. So, they are a lot influenced by different conditions, or states of mind. If the mind is depressed, confused or it has another emotions and negative thoughts, all these are telegraphically transmitted through nerves to every cell of our body.
  • Every thought has weight, shape, colour, quality. And the power of thought can be seen by clear-sighted people through the inner eye. Thoughts are just as objects. As you can present your friend with an orange and then you take it away, so, you can do with a thought. A spiritual thought is yellow, a thought full of angry has a dark red colour and a selfish thought is brown.
  • Friendship and enmity, virtue and depravity exist only in mind. Every mind creates a world of good and bad, of pleasure and angry. Only through its imagination. There is nothing good or pleasant in this world, they are only in our mind. The inner force and the power of thought influence the outside world.

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